Concrete Void
Concrete Void by r3tina
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HelterSkeleton Rep. 6344
#5   20 Jul 2019
OK, so there is some nice geometry here, but we all know there are way better looking geo maps. And the game play just isn't there. You can go for the flag head on or you can take a back route: either way you're gonna see a lot of corridors. And a catwalk over a pit too! The rail gun doesn't always have to be in there; on this occasion, I would have left it out, although it is useful for gaining speed boosts down those corridors, of which there is nothing but.
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I_like_quake Rep. 113
#4   02 Sep 2013
I always imagine this map to be a "Vadrigar CTF Championship" type map.
That or something out of doom 3
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FragTastic Rep. 2343
#3   10 Jan 2012
Nice CTF Map! Its really cool.
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Tig Rep. 1652
#2   23 Dec 2011
@r3t: Do you think this review should be updated to include the re-worked map, or are the maps so different that a second review should be done?
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r3t unregistered
#1   22 Dec 2011
First of all, thanks for the review. It is nice to see that even after all these years there is still an active Quake 3 community.
For those interested, there is a second version of this map which fixes some gameplay-issues. Most importantly, the central room is replaced by a smaller space which helps game flow. See for download and screenshots.
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