Concrete Void
Concrete Void by r3tina

Constructed for nunuk's Geo Challenge #2, Concrete Void is a medium-large, bilateral symmetry CTF arena. As with all maps designed for the GeoComp, don't expect a lot of textures, because instead what you'll be finding is lots of fancy geometry! The author accomplished a remarkable job of fashioning a visually interesting map under such restraints, and best of all it does all this with good gameplay to boot.

The flags rest right behind some metallic guardrails, serving as a block to challenge offensive players. Actually, the whole process of acquiring the flag is not easy - unless you want to rocket jump and take damage, you'll be forced to use one of three jump pads: two right in the flag room and one in the back. This promotes strategic CTF gameplay in a pure sense of the term because you'll need to perform actions such as distracting the opposition with decoys, etc. so you can grab the flag safely. Without teamwork, it is highly probable that you will utterly fail on this map.

Two side rooms between mid and the flag rooms contain goodies like the RG and RA, depending on what side of the base you are on. You'll need all the armor you can get to survive potential onslaughts.

The central room is monstrously huge in comparison to the rest of the arena. Two extensive bridges span a bottomless pit of complete, pitch-black darkness. The upper bridge contains a Quad Damage, which could come in handy for annihilating your enemies. There's a nice aesthetic touch with the Hollywood-style pivoted lamps.

A sleek and tactical CTF arena that both newbies and pros alike can enjoy. Download already!

Reviewed by EmeraldTiger

Ranked: 4 out of 5 (6 votes)

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