Concrete Void
Title : Concrete Void
Filename : rjlctf2.bsp
Author : r3tina
Email Address : **email removed**
Date : 29 March 2002
Version : final (1.0)
Description : Medium sized CTF map constructed for Geo Challange II (official
site: My aim was to create a
map with interesting architecture but in a way that the map
wouldn't become a "showcase" but actually playable. I've tried
to use the allowed 12 textures, in combination with lighting, to
build a map which is visually just as interesting as a "full fledged"
I've included full Team Arena support (Overload, OneFlag, Harvester)
with team powerups and a kamikaze. Bots play good, although not very
smart (but do they ever?).

Credits go to :
-EvilLair for the great custom textures. All material textures
come from texturepack 8, which can be found on
I have not altered the textures, except for adding alphachannels to 2
of them. The red and blue team logos come from the same texturepack (and
look a hell of a lot better than the old "hammer and lightning")
-Thanx to id Software for creating Quake III Arena, Nunuk and Sock for their
great initiative, the guys from Quake3World's levelediting forum, and Clan
CFS ( for beta testing.
* Construction *

Computer : AMD TBird-C 1.2GHz 512MB RAM

Editor(s) used : GTKradiant 1.1.1-RC4, QToolkit 1.4, Ydnar's q3map2

Build Time : 3 weeks

Known Bugs : The bots do not grab the Quad Damage, because it is suspended. Only if
they accidently use the jumppad underneath the Quad will they get it. This
is a limitation of the Q3 bots and there was nothing I could do to fix this.

Notes : The Quad Damage spawns randomly above the two jumppads in the central area. There
are basically two Quad spawnpoints, but only one is used at a time so there will
never be two quads in the map at once.

Some stats : BSP (-meta) 406 secs.
VIS (full) 222 secs.
LIGHT (-fast -smooth -extra) 3720 secs.
BSPC 964 secs.
13154 brushes in map
1402 entities in map
Executing the "rotate" command for one base took aprox. 5 minutes,
and crashed Radiant 6 times.
The .map file is 8.2MB in size and it took about 2 minutes to open it
in Radiant.

This map is hosted at The Engines of Creation -

This map is 2002 RJL and may only be distributed by electronic means
(e.a. Internet). Please don't copy this map or parts of it
without my permission.