Sacrificial Rite

First of all - thank you for downloading my stuff :)
This is the first map I ever finished. There where countless attempts, but I never made it to a "final" stage. This map won't probably reach high FPS on every sytem, since I pretty much messed around with curve-patches on the outdoor area (I pooped curves there). Nevertheless it runs at 90 FPS constantly on my system (Acer Aspire 8735Z, Pentium T4500 dualcore @ 2.3 GHz, 4 GB RAM, Nvidia GeForce G210M 512MB which is even the machine on which I compiled this map). The intention on this map was to try to get a real mean gothic look and feel, although you might find most elements differ from "real" gothic architecture. I was going for a handy 2vs2 map for small fun-lans. The light-style turned out rather darkish, and that was on purpose. I think the mood would really suffer here from more luxels and I love those dark fire-illuminated places. The skybox is most experimental, so don't look too close. Actually it was the first time I ever used a skybox, so I'm kinda unskilled here. Oh and btw, I know that -faster -fastbounce and -fastgrid are DON'T-DO's in light-compiling, but since I'm the most unpatient guy in the world I just set those switches. Feel free to flame me now =)

Hope you enjoy playing this map! Feedback is most welcome!
Best regards


How to install:
extract the "mbt_dm1.pk3"-file to your "Quake III Arena/baseq3/"-folder

Thomas Wiese aka "Malzbiertrinker" aka "MBT"

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Other maps by author:
None (right now I'm thinking about a ctf conversion - could be easily mirrored)


Sacrificial Rite


small (1 outdoor area and 3 rooms)

Maximum player-spawn:
I recommend 4. But you decide^^
(Platz ist in der kleinsten Hütte)

Supported game-types:


5 Health (8)
25 Health (10)
Armor Shard (14)
Heavy Armor (timing 60sec) (1)
Invisibility (1)
Mega Health (timing 60sec) (1)
Personal Teleporter (1)
Regeneration (1)

BFG 10K (1)
Grenade Launcher (1)
Lightning Gun (1)
Railgun (1)
Rocket Launcher (1)
shotgun (1)

BFG Ammo (1)
Bullets (2)
Cells (2)
Grenades (2)
Lightning (2)
Rockets (2)
Shells (2)

There are three secrets and one hidden item. The hidden item might be quite easy to obtain, however the secrets might only be found by going random in your spare time. :D The hidden Item is timed to 120 seconds and all three secrets are timed to 5 minutes. Have fun searching for them!

Modified textures:
block11b_sooted.tga (base: block11b.tga) 193KB
roof.tga (can't recall the base, sry) 193KB
tongue_skull.jpg (base: tongue_bone.jpg) 9KB

Additional textures:
fireplace.tga 193KB
fireswirl.tga 193KB
landscape_1.tga 166KB
landscape_b.tga 1,021KB
landscape_d.tga 769KB
landscape_f.tga 1,021KB
landscape_l.tga 1,021KB
landscape_r.tga 1,021KB

Used software:
OS Win7
editing GTKRadiant 1.4
GTKRadiant 1.5
compiling Q3map2Toolz
textures Photoshop CS5
map-packing WinRAR
shaders Notepad

Compiling-duration (HH:MM:SS):
BSP 00:20:00
Vis 00:01:54
Light 01:31:32
BSPC 00:15:03

Construction duration:
round about 160hrs spread over 5 weeks

Filesizes: (not included) 4,522KB
mbt_dm1.bsp 17,055KB
mbt_dm1.aas 3,592KB
mbt_dm1.pk3 10.0MB 10.0MB

I wanna thank • my fiancee for her patience <3
• Mr.Masher and Thr3xus for pushing me into mapping, suggestions, testplaying and bugreport
• Cyber and Gollum for their skeleton model packs

Legal notes:
Copyright © Thomas Wiese, 2011
All rights for content created by third parties stay untouched and rest with their respective owners.
The files included in this Zip-archieve may only be distributed free of charge and must remain in their current state. Furthermore the Zip-archieve has to include this text-file.
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