Substation 11
Substation 11 by Phantazm11
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FragTastic Rep. 2317
#12   05 Jan 2012
Excellent Map! A futuristic looking map. Excellent with rocket launching.
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DwInt unregistered
#11   23 Jun 2011
Really great, love it! Thanks :)
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SW12 unregistered
#10   31 Dec 2010
At first it looked like only members sent in comments. I am still considering getting an email but am too lazy to do it. :P
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CrazyKillaMalik(QuakeIII screen name) unregistered
#9   01 Nov 2010
I love it! people like you should get credit...& i made like three maps & messed them up & deleted them :(
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phantazm11 Rep. 64
#8   04 Oct 2010
Wow, thanks for the comments guys. Really glad you liked Substation 11. It was a blast to build! I agree with PaN61's comments. The only thing I'd like to add is that the rail gun placement is in an off-the-path position is because the map has a few very open passages, making the rail a very dangerous weapon. I didn't want to make it TOO easy to snag. I probably could have put a button-activated gate there to slow down the enemy a bit, but they already have to cross a wide open space, twice, with little cover to get to it. :)

Thanks for the additional review. It is really appreciated!
Edited: 04 Oct 2010 AEST

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PaN61 Rep. 377
#7   02 Oct 2010
An Outstanding map from Phantazm11. The visuals are just outstanding, the textures are used nicely, the detail of the textures combined with the architecture is excellent. The lighting is also excellent, it's not too dark and not too light, it's in the middle as well as it being aesthetic and giving the map more detail. The layout and design is unique as well making the theme of the map two bases carved into rock and stone with water flowing inside, outside and in between each other adding even more detail and making the map atmospheric.

The connectivity is quite good with the two teleports at each base, the several pathways you can reach the other base and the plentiful number of pathways inside your base. The item placement is excellent with the powerups evenly mixed together. The powerups are placed in good and strategic locations like the Quad Damage in the center of the map and the two Regenerations at each base. The item placement is also placed in good and strategic locations like the Red Armor in the center of the map, the Yellow Armor in the room behind the flag of each base, the two Armor Shards in the center of the map opposite each other, the Lightening Gun, Shotgun and Rocket Launcher in each base and the two Grenade Launchers opposite of each other in the center of the map.

The Magahealth in each base is placed in an awkward location because both teams can quickly get to the 1st floor (Depends where you spawn) and get or steal the megahealth. The Railgun in each base on the other hand, which is close to the Megahealth, is located in a location which is not awkward nor strategic or it could even be both because your team can drop down from the 2nd floor (Flag Room) or travel the long way to retrieve the Railgun and travel through the teleport back up to the Shotgun location and continue on from the Shotgun location on the other hand, the enemy team could travel on the 1st floor until they get to your base, retrieve the Railgun, travel through the teleport to the Shotgun Location, continue travelling to the flag and make an escape back to their base (Not to mention picking up the Yellow Armor in the process) and that's why the Railgun in each base is located in a location which is not awkward nor strategic or it could even be both.

The skybox suites this map really well and the design of the map where you can see the skybox like the Flag Room in each base and the central area makes the map atmospheric and the lighting also helps the map become atmospheric.

Gameplay is really good but bots tend to take the central 2nd floor route and the 1st floors two routes which then forms one but don't really take the side routes of the 2nd floor as much other than only retrieving the Lightning Gun. Bots play strategic and use the bases architecture and design for cover if they are under attack. The map would be more suitable if you were playing against human opponents instead of bots but the bots will give a challenge just like human players do.

The water in the central area which flows to each base as well as the pools in each base give the map detail and the lights which are in the water give the map even more detail from the colour and the light which is travelling through the water. The rock/stone also gives the map more detail as well as the towers that you can see from the Flag Room in each base looking up at the skybox and in the central area.

I recommend everybody who likes/loves Capture The Flag (CTF) maps and even those who don't like/love or who don't really play Capture The Flag (CTF) maps to download this map and even if you don't want to play the map, you should still have a look at the outstanding visuals at least.

An Outstanding map from Phantazm11, 10/10.
Hope to see more maps from you Phantazm11.


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themuffinator Rep. 1046
#6   24 Sep 2010
Mr. Battleforged :)
This would be incredible if you got id to add this to QL. We're in need of more top-notch CTF maps like this. Keep up the good work, I hope to see more maps from you. 10/10
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spirit Rep. 707
#5   14 Aug 2010
Great map, feels like a 3wave map to me.
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RedOne Rep. 87
#4   14 Aug 2010
This map is very very good. It's the best CTF map i've ever played. The style is very good and the texturing is excellent. This map haves anything: platforms, briges, terrain, water, jumppads, teleports... But the gameplay is the best. Everything can happen! One time i had the another team flag and i encountered the guy with my team's flag. Both our ammos ended, then we maked a gauntlet duel! Then i killed him, returned my team's flag and won. I give it a 10.
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Anthem Rep. 221
#3   03 Aug 2010
I made some grammatical errors in the review. It was written at around 3 A.M., so I apologize. :D Brilliant submission, though. I can't wait to see phantq3dm3 here.
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ShadoW Rep. 67
#2   03 Aug 2010
Great job, as always ;). Very nice ctf level, I recommend to download it for everybody. 9/10.
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phantazm11 Rep. 64
#1   03 Aug 2010
Thank you for the review Anthem!!
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