Oetoe q3version
Oetoe q3version by Takkie
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Takkie Rep. 1778
#5   12 Dec 2020
@1v4n You propably wouldn't appreciate my choice in music...
@HelterSkeleton thanks for the elaborate comment :hugs:
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1v4n unregistered
#4   11 May 2012
Takkie, U missed the MUSIC, without it, is pure BORING.
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gooball Rep. 1081
#3   02 Jul 2011
Nice visuals. Gameplay needs some work though. 5.5/10
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HelterSkeleton Rep. 6045
#2   05 Aug 2010
taking a few simple textures and wallpapering them consistently makes for a very simple and classy effect. all weapons get used thanks to the geometry enmeshed within the map. as for the health - any true fan of takkie's work soon comes to realise that health is used very sparingly and often placed in the hardest spots to pick-up, but you know they are there for a reason and won't all be picked up in the same sweep by the same player, so it doesn't take long for the health spawns to become sporadic and dissonant until timing their pick-ups reinstalls a sense of balance to the game. so there never really is too much health on a takkie map - you can literally spend a couple of minutes on less than 20 health before another opportunity comes along. mh/rl/pg provides balance to ra/lg/rl in a tourney with the rg and gl functioning perfectly as they should: in counterpoint to one another from top-to-bottom. there is a definate art to sticking around for awhile on takkie's maps and he always seems to design his levels wonderfully with an instagib mind.
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Takkie Rep. 1778
#1   11 Dec 2009
Thanks for the review Tabun.

The bottom line sums it right up.
Still, i think the lighting is rather ok for 0.27 Mb map with this size.

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