Oetoe q3version
Oetoe q3version by Takkie

Gameplay: FFA play in Oetoe is tense and fast-paced. The level is apparently built out of three big rooms connected in an L-shape, but with carefully worked out interconnections. Hallways and staircases are wide and the whole thing looks built for quick navigation. Bots play the map very well and tend show close to real-player type behaviour. There seem to be none of the usual quirks with bots getting stuck, lost, or clumping together in unlikely areas.

As the author notes in his readme, the map is separately tweaked for TDM, Tourney, FFA and even TA. Unfortunately, the map didn't seem to be fixed up for Tourney very well. There are just too many items lying around for serious 1on1 gaming to work well. for example: the RA is in the same room as both a RL and a LG, and the MH is close to a RL. There are simply too many weapons, and there is too much health and ammo strewn all over the level (I fought a 1on1 with Anarki and had over 50 rockets before I knew it..). Finally, the GL may be somewhat awkwardly placed, making it rather useless -- it might have worked better high up to allow for some spamming.

Graphics: Nothing much to look at, I'm afraid. The map has a very smooth, simple look to it. Curves are used expertly and there are not any graphical glitches, but that is about all the good news. The textures are made up of a bland set of default Q3 material and are applied in a simple, unvaried scheme. The result is that every room looks pretty much the same (which doesn't help figuring out the layout at first, by the way). Lighting is very bright and simple, nothing really wrong there, if you do not mind that CPMA-type look and if you like really low r_speeds. One minor additional annoyance is the glassy shader used on roof-sections: the flickering effect can be distracting even during play. All in all not a recommendation for those who are looking for graphically interesting maps.

Bottom line: A fast-paced, item-heavy map that is fun to play in small FFAs. Worth the download, though it won't be in my map list for long. People looking for aesthetics should forgo this one.

Perhaps a 7-8 on gameplay and a 4 on graphics.

Reviewed by Tabun

Ranked: 4 out of 5 (14 votes)

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