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JUL32 by Julek
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FragTastic Rep. 1474
#7   09 Jan 2012
This map is on map-factory.org and it has so much hits!.. Its a great map 9/10
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AEon Rep. 601
#6   23 Jan 2010
Hmm... the missing .arena file in Julek's maps seems to be a feature? Not so nifty... I like to play the bots the author intended for the map.

Issues: Seeing sparklies all over the place - walls / ceiling areas, missing .arena file, some clip around the TP "doors" would have helped not to get stuck, a slightly larger scale by 25% would have been enough to keep the map compact but also "roomy" enough to move in, IMO.

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RotaryFist.cz Rep. 60
#5   18 Dec 2009
While I love the looks of this map a lot - both textures and the overall style are really great! - the map is way too small for me. There's hardly any motivation to move - just grab the rocket launcher and get to the red armor, which dominates the map. Nine for the style but three for the gameplay!
Edited: 18 Dec 2009 AEST
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Anthaxxx unregistered
#4   14 Nov 2009
Smooth gameplay and rough tactics make this map pretty well put together.
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JULEK Rep. 20
#3   27 Oct 2009
Big thanks to Ian "Foralarx" Wilson and NaturalSpringWater for the review.
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NaturalSpringWater unregistered
#2   24 Oct 2009
Perhaps I was a little bit quick negatively judge this map. I kinda thought there wasn't much going on, but I've got to remember some people like a really small map for some really fast action.
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Takkie Rep. 1598
#1   23 Oct 2009
I like this map very much...
Smooth and fast gameplay.
Nice selection of textures and they are well used.

I've build a small mod where you spawn with either the RG or the RL and unlimited ammo.
This map seems build for it!
10/10 from me.

Good Job JULEK

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