Blood Run
by ztn
Blood Run by ztn
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FragTastic Rep. 2333
#108   06 Jan 2012
Wow! Brilliant map!
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Dave Rep. 53
#107   18 Dec 2011
is similar to an map of quake3 inexplicable!!
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Tig Rep. 1652
#106   17 Jul 2011
So why is it so special?

This map plays extremely well when played with humans - not bots. Although it does still play very well with bots, it shines with well matched players.

Also, it is a QuakeWorld classic, up there with Aerowalk and a few others.

It was a very early custom Q3A release that was professionally finished and well ported from the original Quake version that people (who came from QuakeWorld to Q3A) were hoping to see. These facts made this release a instant hit.

Blood Run is one of the few custom maps that can still be found played at LANs and online.

Try to think about this map in relation to only the custom maps released before this date.

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KommissarReb (SW12) Rep. 2352
#105   17 Jul 2011
Yep, that would be me. So get used to it.

Its good because it was well-built and didn't really have any noticeable problems, had bot support, and did show up on the menu.

All I am saying though is that there really isn't anything spectacular or unique about this map. Or anything I haven't seen already. So why is it so special?

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themuffinator Rep. 1044
#104   17 Jul 2011
LOL at those who only consider a map's theme. >>
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KommissarReb (SW12) Rep. 2352
#103   17 Jul 2011
Its okay. But its really just another vanilla gothic arena.
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cityy unregistered
#102   09 Jun 2009
From classic quake to quakelive. Great map - should be in everyone's baseq3.
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EZfrag Rep. 0
#101   19 Jan 2008
haaa I spend so much on the old version... :)
btw hi everybody!
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Anonymous unregistered
#100   09 Jul 2007
i hate this map cause is too much played by ppl >.<
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Smurf_mE unregistered
#99   24 Feb 2004
gareat job
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PaszczaK unregistered
#98   14 Sep 2002
ok map :-)
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Element unregistered
#97   18 Aug 2002
sweet map
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Nitebeat unregistered
#96   29 Jul 2002
Very nice map.

(playing this witht the aqualung mod.. why not =) heh)

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xGHT unregistered
#95   10 Jun 2002
Nice map, altough the High Octane version is better. A 9 from me.
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NoLiMiT unregistered
#94   11 Jul 2001
This map is by far one of the greatest custom maps for Q3A. But not THE best. I've found maybe 5 or 6 better than this. Actually, I probably feel this way because I've played this map like 800 times and watched even more demos on it. So I've kind of grown tired of it. My favorite map right now would have to be lun3dm2. (on promode)
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SeApH unregistered
#93   07 Jun 2001
There are better ones.

Vote it down.

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not entered unregistered
#92   13 May 2001
wonderful....i like high octane more........actually get a chance to use the BFG !
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QUARK unregistered
#91   27 Feb 2001
The best quake 3 map ever!!!!
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-AI-Ur$u$ unregistered
#90   08 Jan 2001
It Rulez
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Sanjuro unregistered
#89   03 Dec 2000
Great stuff...smooth gameplay, well thought out in every aspect. The textures are a little dull though, but who has time to look at those anyway?
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Best Level... unregistered
#88   29 Nov 2000
This is the best map I have ever played on. Always use it for my bloody skirmishes. The HO addition is very nice, and I have to set the frag limit way up for a decent length game. Awesome work ZTN!
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good shit!!! unregistered
#87   26 Nov 2000
this map..well.. two words good shit!!!
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Timmy!!! unregistered
#86   05 Oct 2000
Awesome, this map is ztn's best. 10/10
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RRROOOAAARRR unregistered
#85   03 Oct 2000
Guys, just stop fucking dissing each other and get on with the task at hand, eh? What's next, "my dog can frag faster than your dog, nyaaah nyaah"? Everyone likes different shit, so shut up and try tolerance for a bloody change. Anyhoo... the High Octane version of this is about as much fun as you can have with your clothes on! Ultra Carnage Incarnate. The texturing and atmosphere are spot on ( a sort of deliberately cloying opulence ) and the connectivity and bot-play are excellent too. And that's coming from a die-hard spacemap fan... load up on guns, kill your friends. A lot.

The RRROOOAAARRR autopsy report: Death by Natural Causes ( a BFG in the face will, naturally, kill you ). 10/10

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not entered unregistered
#84   17 Aug 2000
Who Cares is too stupid to be human
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bart d. unregistered
#83   15 Aug 2000
one of the best maps i played...

its definitely a keeper...

9/10, but i'd rather give it 9.9/10...

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Xor unregistered
#82   31 Jul 2000
one word


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not entered unregistered
#81   28 Jul 2000
Who Cares is an idiot.
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Bart D. unregistered
#80   25 Jul 2000
sweet map...

i always keep coming back for more...

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Who Cares? unregistered
#79   22 Jul 2000
this map is stupid. It blows. It is the suckiest map that ever sucked. Why would anyone want to play this dumb map? Why is it number 2? It is a complete waste of 1.83 MB. Not even worth the energy it requires to move the mouse over to the download button.
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indio unregistered
#78   05 Jun 2000
this map is awesome, if you have any doubts load it up with a ranger nightmare bot and don't use quad, it's an awesome

1on1 map.. it's tight with enough armor and ammo for both players.. they way it should be.


give us more ZTN

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Dylan unregistered
#77   03 Jun 2000
The original rocks, and so does this one.

That should do it.

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Aunty Bee Eff Gee unregistered
#76   31 May 2000
Nothing special, but it is good that the mapper provided a version without a BFG because BFGs SUCK ASS ONLY SICK LLAMAS USE BFGS THEY SUCK. YEAH>
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BigFreakinGun unregistered
#75   28 May 2000
Whats so great about it?
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Hi-C unregistered
#74   24 May 2000
Hella good fun, looks gorgeous too.
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dupa unregistered
#73   23 May 2000


thank you.

Jessie "the Body" Ventura

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Sp0ofY unregistered
#72   22 May 2000
Nice map, good work. Everything looks spot on, but, and theres a but, it isn't very consistant in the style, every corridor seems to be different and isn't very realistic - but then its quake! so it isn't too bad.

I actually did like it though, you've done nice work with all the detail, must've taken you ages!! I know i couldn't be bothered with it all. Overall i gave it a solid 8. great stuff!!


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clawfist unreal mapper unregistered
#71   12 May 2000
very nice map i have to say damn good job bro very well made gave it a #8
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[2vF]Gibbus unregistered
#70   11 May 2000
I just have to agree, ZTN is the master when it's about map making, can't figure out how he do it. It really doesn't care which map he makes, they are all so god damn fun! I have no complains at all, haven't found a bad thing in this map. Thanks for me...
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|a|JayDee unregistered
#69   04 May 2000
I just love that narrow corrador with the mega :D. ZTN is the master of fluidity/conectivity. He gets a little armor crazy at times, but the sheer design of his maps are amazing. They are fun, fluid, and strat filled at the same time. However, I do not see this map as being a competition 1v1 q3 map because of its large size. It owns for 2v2, 3v3, and RocketArena though. ZTN if you are going to make another conversion of anykind please make it ztn2dm2. That map was insane. I look foward to seeing his next "new" 1v1 map, and I hope he takes his armor-supresent pills before he adds items to it ;]. The 1v1 community is in dire need of an accepted and quality 1v1 map. I give this a 10 for 2v2 play.
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blade unregistered
#68   30 Apr 2000
Very good map. Bots really do work well on this map and architecture is extremely good.

This is one map worth downloading and keeping on my HD.

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Speedy unregistered
#67   29 Apr 2000
ZTN ruled, ZTN rulezzz, ZTN will ! The PRO. He shold work at ID software. If all the original Q3 tourney maps were of this quality gameplay the game would be much better.

And the framerate is so high with high quality video settings even on my crappy machie - I`m amazed!

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ELVIS unregistered
#66   28 Apr 2000
by far my favorite map. just one thing to say..flow is everly present..blood run says it all.

thanks ztn. keep kickin ass

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Steinecke unregistered
#65   11 Apr 2000
Bots act excellent!
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RedFive unregistered
#64   05 Apr 2000
If you want some big fun, play Blood Run HO with the Aqualung mod !!! Mmmmmmm, minty bubbles !!!!! :)
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Sir Frags A Lot unregistered
#63   05 Apr 2000
Just love that HO level just keep vaporizing them beautiful rock on ZTN
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Dirt unregistered
#62   04 Apr 2000
Any chance of Painkiller?
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Fool unregistered
#61   03 Apr 2000
I forgot to score last time. So I'm making up for it here. Oh....only one complaint. Not enough rockets for me to fully express myself on some bots. (Maybe I'm just a horible shot, no wait......I get 11 kills with 10 rockets......nope, just not enough rockets:-)~
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X-Force unregistered
#60   01 Apr 2000
Schönste map die ich bisher gesehen hab, gameplay is super


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Top_Cat unregistered
#59   01 Apr 2000
Excellent gameplay... The HO version is a good idea
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Fool unregistered
#58   01 Apr 2000 ztn......better than sex.....MMMMAAARRRGGGGPPPPPLLLXXXXXX
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Bart D. unregistered
#57   30 Mar 2000
awesome map...

one of the best i played...

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dan unregistered
#56   29 Mar 2000
excellent conversion of the original
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Ian unregistered
#55   29 Mar 2000
This map has the best game flow of any map I've tried to date. :)
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CcspeeD unregistered
#54   29 Mar 2000
Very Good Level I hope that it will be as fun as ztn3dm2.

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muffy unregistered
#53   28 Mar 2000
Still at the building stage up for release in the next coouple of weeks a set of 3 levels and when they are there wont be a single skull texture so there;)
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Hubster[NeRV] unregistered
#52   28 Mar 2000
Ztn does it again!

And whats with your Anti-Gothic textures whingers here?! The gothic set is cool. If you really are over the texture set, make your own maps and shut up.

I'm awaiting a remake of "The Crucible":-))) Come on Ztn, get to it!

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Incubus unregistered
#51   27 Mar 2000
I really liked the map. Just my computer had a little trouble with it, but really good map
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Muffy unregistered
#50   27 Mar 2000
Nice connectivity through the level with a nice flow of play, however, sunglasses may be required to play for prolonged periods due to clamorous texturing. Nice busy quad room though :) die bot die.
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septix unregistered
#49   27 Mar 2000
bravo. excellent job.

you inspired me to start mapping again. (after a few more matches of blood run)

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KODIAK unregistered
#48   27 Mar 2000
ZTN we have expected no less :)

A must have!!!

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j unregistered
#47   27 Mar 2000

I am sooo looking forward 2 playing this map. I remember the good old days of q1, playing this map 4 HOURS. ( always creaming ass! ) do u?

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Myth unregistered
#46   27 Mar 2000
NIIICEE! we want more
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FenrisLoki unregistered
#45   26 Mar 2000
have this map on OC3's at Stanford running at

Its a good map, test it out.

O, and I wouldn't be surprised to see somebody like D16-Makaveli on that server ;)


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Deadstar unregistered
#44   26 Mar 2000
I loved it.. most fun I've had playing Q3 so far =)
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Fingers unregistered
#43   26 Mar 2000
pretty good... could use some more connectivity though. Parts of it are very one-dimensional, kinda like a long looping hallway with only one direction to go...
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4Fuxache unregistered
#42   26 Mar 2000
Very nice map
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Syclone unregistered
#41   26 Mar 2000
BTW, I have this map in the custom maps rotation at:

Depleted Uranium 6

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Syclone unregistered
#40   26 Mar 2000
As always, ztn seems to have the gameplay down pretty well.

I do, however, wish he'd have picked a different texture set as many have said here before. I'm not much on these when id uses them, and ztn seems to have gone overboard a bit with some of the fancy/busy wall textures.

As for gameplay, it is a fun map. I wish he'd included a quad free version instead of the HO version with BFGs, because this can be fun for 1v1.

BTW, I like the RA jump quite a bit. You can either jump straight to it from up top (not strafe jump needed, btw) or RJ up from the GL.

I like ztn3dm2 a bit better, but this is a very quality map.

[hmmm, I posted, the page reloaded, and my post was gone. Sorry if the original actually shows up later in a double post]

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RedFive unregistered
#39   26 Mar 2000
Could this be the perfect map? I tend to think so! Rock on !!!
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Octovus unregistered
#38   26 Mar 2000
Oops that was of course meant as 9.5 rounde down to 9 not 10 . =P
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Octovus unregistered
#37   26 Mar 2000
Well don't have time to read the other comments right now, so I may just be repeating things, but here goes. Mainly it was just a very well made and balanced map....feels like something Id should put in the coming Expansion Pack. I personally find it hard to comment on maps that I think are just about perfect, if one thing was odd it was the SG's placement up high on a platform, my guess is ztn likes the SG a lot, while I don't. Just a difference of opinion. Great map, man!

Happy Fraggin! Octovus (9.5 rounded down to 10)

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Patridiot unregistered
#36   26 Mar 2000
To strafe jump simply hold forward and strafe at the same time while you jump. If you do the same again as soon as you land then you will start to go even faster. Strafe jumping is a great way to get to a a cut off point quickly the only problem is all the jumping noises lets people know where you are and what you are doing. It's an awesome bug. it reminds me of the turbo button you could hold down in Super Mario Brothers.

This map is alot of fun against bots. I'm trying to get the guy who runs the RA pickups server I always play at to put it in the rotation. I wasn't crazy about the texture theme but I don't really care about things like texture theme or if they line up perfectly or if a floor looks like it would support my character's weight. You can pobably get splash damage through that little overhang that holds the grenade launcher that Bario was rambling about which should help against spammers so, from a gameplay standpoint the fact that it is thin is a good thing, IMHO. The shards make great sound cue and the ones in the stairs between the rocket launcher and the grenade launcer actualy let you know which way a good player is going. (on the way in they are avoided by using the side ledges.) The teleporter under the rocket launcer takes you to a perfecrt place. The quad and the red armor are fun to get. I gave this map a ten (if textures really matter to you (I'd give it a 9, maybe even an 8) and like it more than the ones that ID put out, which are obviously dumbed down for the sake of the bots. Thanks ZTN. Oh yeah, sometimes stairs are more fun than jump pads and I think they might have been in this map.

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Killer unregistered
#35   26 Mar 2000
Another superb piece of work from ztn imo. I don't think the texture set is getting old because ztn has used them flawlessly in this map and in Beatbox. He has used many different textures which go together very nicely and keep the map looking interesting.

Playability wise I also thought it was fantastic. I have had some great games on it although I haven't checked out the High Octane version yet, sounds like a good laugh :-)

Great work ztn, keep it up.


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not entered unregistered
#34   26 Mar 2000
good job
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ProdigyXL unregistered
#33   26 Mar 2000
Sexy map, sexy all over.
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Pingu unregistered
#32   26 Mar 2000

Brings back memories of hours of QW, but with all the visual treats of Q3... plays as well as it ever did & is just pretty damn near perfect

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Lordy unregistered
#31   26 Mar 2000
Why was the RL under the RA omitted tho ?
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[iF]Gonad unregistered
#30   26 Mar 2000
also meant to say the Q2 was a typo error. Sorry ztn
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[iF]Gonad unregistered
#29   26 Mar 2000
Doh! Did i say Q2?

a strafe jump is when you strafe and jump at the same time. You can jump much further. Works with rocket jumping too.

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not entered unregistered
#28   25 Mar 2000
YaBoZe - try - its in the readme.txt

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YaBoZe unregistered
#27   25 Mar 2000
Awesome. It gets a 9.


I can't wait to see more from ZTN. Where can I get his Q1 maps?

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??? unregistered
#26   25 Mar 2000
What is a strafe jump?
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netuse unregistered
#25   25 Mar 2000
cool site and good maps

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moron unregistered
#24   25 Mar 2000
Awesome remake. Been playing the shit out of it since yesterday and the gameplay and flow are pure perfection.

I do agree about the texturing/style though. I'd love to see him try something different in the looks department. He might even surprise himself. :)

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BARIO unregistered
#23   25 Mar 2000
Ok,I feel I have a couple things to say.

This map is anyway above the average,but I disagree about a couple statements.

First: the lighting is not-at-all's just full-bright.

You have a good lighting when at your first glance you will immediately understand the shape of your surrounding...if you're standing more than 1/2 second to find out how far is that wall and if the corridor is on your same level,and you don't feel the depth of the room,than you don't have a good lighting...this turns particularly annoying when the rooms' structure is small and complex.This is not my own opinion,is a general well known consideration about computer graphic,the fact that you don't notice this and developers (pro and am)don't pay much attention to this,doesn't mean that it's not important.At this stage of real time computer graphics,lighting (lightmap or Goraud shading) is used to darken (so to hide) things,if you want to have everything perfectly bright,you just don't use them,or light the map with Qrad -ambient 1000 (just invented this one).Probably what I call good lighting,is what is generally indicated as "atmospheric".

Also,with this fullbright effect the textures tiling become very evident even in relatively small ambients.

In q3dm18 and q3dm8 you have a not too bad use of lighting (IMO).

Beside,there are some structure anomalies that usually go unnoticed but IMO are worth mentioning...the small "balcony" with the GL,is definitely something I wouldn't walk on in real's way to thin,and looks like it never gonna carry the weight...beside,it looks esthetically unproportioned.

I know,this is something that will sound quite strange to you,and I'm sure that half of you is already yelling "come on,it'is just a game !!!"...

In my maps I often did some "pavements" that are just floating,but there (I hope) you don't get the feeling that it's falling down,cause they look strong enough to carry the weight (the lava corridor in my map in the beta section is done like this)

Now it's sounding more and more weird,but think about this fact a little more and maybe next time you'll play,you'll find several examples of unproportioned stuff that looks like it's falling down every minute...

The textureing itself is a bit differente from the id's Q3 standard,(that personally I prefer)which is more simple,plain and always tryes to give you a path to the impression is very rich,and everything capturing your attention strongly...this is most matter of tastes,I guess,but the result in Blood Run is not bad anyway.

Ok,I'm making it too long now...

Beside,the architecture and the gameplay is helluva fast,this good,and this makes it a good map...In the end,the most important things is the gameplay...

Anyway,I like this map and I would rate it 7/8,same mark I'd give to "Nothing At All" (laerdm1) which would get more if it had a decent framerate.

I just hope I didn't sound too boring.


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Gila unregistered
#22   25 Mar 2000
Kewl. Amazing. Brilliant.

I hope Ztn will make at least 10 maps for QIIIA.


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AB|Quatantine unregistered
#21   25 Mar 2000
ztndm3 "Blood Run", for Quake1 was alwyas one of my favorite maps, espessialy for 1on1.

This one is just a perfect remake... just what i was waiting for.

p.s. i just cant wait to see remake of ztndm4 "The Steeler"

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MogWaEE unregistered
#20   25 Mar 2000
This is what I posted on the Quake3World forum., on a thread ztn started:

"Verdict: I LOVE it!!! The gameplay is amazing, especially considering the two versions you included: suits the mood you're in . The only real gripe I have with them is the use of the base textures... although they fit well, I was kind of hoping to find some more custom ones, and a more original theme, like the ones you (ztn) pulled off in dmmq3dm6 and ztndm2."

But GAMEPLAY [b]rules[/b] everything, and I am giving this one a 9!

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Ariston unregistered
#19   25 Mar 2000
ohmygod, it's late here in germany and my typing is going down the drain...

i wanted to add that the high-octane version should have been scrapped. bfg-ing all over the place... not a good idea!

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Maj unregistered
#18   25 Mar 2000

I'm also noticing that more and more maps are requiring rocket jumps to reach certain items- in this case the red armor.

You can get to the ra without a rj. Strafe jump off the top platform.

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Ariston unregistered
#17   25 Mar 2000
Great map, very challenging, a bit boring in the style department, but then who cares?

never played the original, but this conversion ranks up eith teh top 10% of q3a maps.

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Visceral Monkey unregistered
#16   25 Mar 2000
Let me make a minor correction to my earlier comments: The gameplay IS smooth and the FPS is excellent. I guess what I'm looking for is the same kind of gameplay with DIFFERENT textures. This kind of "look" is getting old. It's a deserving map, and props to ZTN. I'm SURE he's capable of doing something with a different look next time...if theres enough demand for it.

(hint, hint, hint)

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Dutch unregistered
#15   25 Mar 2000
Ooze I agree with you on this texture set , but ZTN has provided us with another great level as far as gameplay goes.My framerates were averaging around 85fps. Ztn is r_speed coherant that is obvious
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0ozE unregistered
#14   25 Mar 2000
Am i the only one that is kinda bored with this texture set? I mean two maps that look about the same? Sure the gameplay is great, and that's what counts, but I wish he went with a different thematic 'feel' to the graphics.

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buttworm unregistered
#13   25 Mar 2000
i didn't like the placement of the railgun. my friend didn't like the placement of the red armor. my mom didn't like the placement of the mega health. my brother didn't like the quad placement. my dog didn't like the texturing. i think we all will mail ztn and let him fix those issues.
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Niptlar unregistered
#12   25 Mar 2000
I was kinda ticked that ZTN took out the Lightning but left in the Railgun for the high octane version. The RG slows down stuff, but the Lightning forces close and personal combat. It would have also made BR-HO very much more like the original.
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Rampage unregistered
#11   25 Mar 2000
Cool map, flows great. I tried it on a LAN party and had a blast!
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driller unregistered
#10   25 Mar 2000
Actually [iF]Gonad, it was originally made for Quake, not Quake2. It was definately one of the best Q1 dm maps.

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[iF]Gonad unregistered
#9   25 Mar 2000
Visceral Monkey

This is very original! ZTN started this trend and lots of people have copied his style. His original version of this map was for Q2 made yrs ago.

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hmmz unregistered
#8   25 Mar 2000
Very playable map, just like his other q3 map this one is all playability and great fun.

btw rj to the red armour? why not just jump? but i disagree with u about it not being enough to rj for, ra is better then megahealth.

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The Thing unregistered
#7   25 Mar 2000
What can i say,,Downlod it ,

This map it´s just ROCKNROLL

ztndm1 and ztndm2 is (both)GREAT,,,,:=)

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Jim unregistered
#6   25 Mar 2000
Good map- good layout, and the styling is very well done. The style is very similar to ztn's other map (can't recall the name) but the layout and architecture are different.

The location of the quad was well done- with that precarious jump you have to make to get to it- may have been better to put a lava pit below tho so you'd pay for it if you missed the jump- but nonetheless- if you see someone "getting in position" so to say, you know he's heading up there, and could probably disrupt his plans if you send him a rocket early enough.

I'm also noticing that more and more maps are requiring rocket jumps to reach certain items- in this case the red armor. Unfortunately I don't think the red armor is worth a RJ- the megahealth would have been tho, or even the quad.

Good map- a keeper

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Visceral Monkey unregistered
#5   25 Mar 2000
I'm going against the crowd here. VERY average map. No obvious mistakes so thats good but the map and the game play are tired. Not much originality in this one at all. There are a million other maps like this one on the net. Then again, I'm looking for originality.
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[-V1Ru5-] unregistered
#4   25 Mar 2000
Excellent map. Havent tried it with bots just ran around and looked[forgive me, i never saw original :(]But anyways good map and fast playing
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Senn unregistered
#3   25 Mar 2000
Its nice to see this map on the new engine. Blood Run was always one of my favorite LAN maps for Quake. Looks great in the Q3 gothic flavor.

Nice work ztn, the item placement is nearly flawless.

The "high-octane" version is good for a laugh, its an all out battle for the BFG with 4 or 5 bots. What a mess. I favor the original but the "high-octane" version is certainly good for short 2 minute bursts of rage.

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Pappy-R unregistered
#2   25 Mar 2000
grabbed it lastnight and played the living $@#% out of it. The original was a fave of mine for Quake 1 and this one is a new thrill. Not too keen on the "high octane" version. The BFG is just too much for this map.
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GibFest unregistered
#1   25 Mar 2000
Woooow I cant wait to play this. I imgine people are gonna download this is the thousands.

BTW Tigger, do you ever get annoyed with people calling you trigger coz it annoys me and its not even my name 8)

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