BD Tourney 1
BD Tourney 1 by Bulldog
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Syabha unregistered
#16   14 Apr 2002
Got both of the other maps from bulldog.

I love rail maps.

To me bdra3 is a classic.

2 years after!!!

I hope BDtourney1 does it for me. The screeny reminds me of bdra3.

Strange review, flaws are mentioned still it's above average.. (score is pretty high)

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Bulldog unregistered
#15   18 Apr 2000

glad you like the map m8.

you can find 3waveCTF on in the files section, have fun :)

iam glad to find that most of you that have made comment on my map in general like it.

i have a rail arena in the final map que ready for review

for some reason it has been there for a month :( but you can d/load BDRA3 from

thanks for all the comments keep them coming :)

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Luvsexy99 unregistered
#14   17 Apr 2000
I like the map but I seem to be missing a few textures I was told that I should download 3 wav CTF pak to fix some texure problems However I can NOT locate it any help would be GREAT. I like this map and want to make it look as good as it should THANK you in advance
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Guru unregistered
#13   15 Apr 2000
nice torny m8 keep up the good work :)
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Bulldog unregistered
#12   02 Apr 2000
in responce to the comments on always being drawn to the main arena, I suppose it depends on

how you like to play Q3 if your a railer then yes you will play more in the main arena,

but if you love the RL then you wont, and theres also the armour

in the inside area so i suppose its down to style.

the passageways were placed to give alternative routes to each side of the map giving more opportunity for a suprise attack

and not bottle necking the overall play with just i route in one route out.

but again i suppose its down to playing style that desides wether you agree or not.

Keep the comments coming


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Bulldog unregistered
#11   02 Apr 2000
cheers Limp Bikky,

Yes there is a rail arena map

waiting to be review in the LVL

map queue called BDRA3.

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Bulldog unregistered
#10   02 Apr 2000
looking at the responce to my map it seems that you can take it or leave it or love it.

This map is dedicated to the players that love this map lol.

keep the comments coming.


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Bulldog unregistered
#9   02 Apr 2000

missing textures? dont no how thats so its they are all ID's

textures and all appear in the

ID maps.

But cheers for your comments SLOB cant wait to comment on your final map version :) lol

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limp bikky unregistered
#8   01 Apr 2000
heh cool map m8 :)

when can i get more?

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SLoB unregistered
#7   01 Apr 2000
Lo m8 :)

well I tested it with ya m8 :)

I luv the Rail arena bit and the dethfog pit is great :)

the gameplay does tend to compete in the main bit ( for your rail arena ;-)

it really needs sum mor ammo and weps in a few places.

the area with the angled jp and lots of ammo is a bit dead ther :(

I also had sum missin textures and other peeps hav had the same m8 :(-clean q3 install too and patched :)

we played it @ i3 and no one was really taken with it :( but the Rail arena they loved m8 :) we played the rail arena quite a bit loads of peeps hav it now :)

neways frag ya l8r m8 :)

heh b nice for my arena m8 hehehe once it gets in this final section :)


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Stalker unregistered
#6   01 Apr 2000
I disagree with the review,

the teleporters bring both areas into play nice and quickly

the armour inside makes you attracted to the inside area and the bots work well right throughout the map.

i liked it,and the textureing and mood are quite good

better played in team mode 2 on 2.

played it on lan and loved it

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Bulldog unregistered
#5   01 Apr 2000
First of all thanx to all thats

commented on my map and for LVL

to take the time to review it.

Mappers all try to create the ultimate map, there are always going to be players that dislike

or love the maps mappers make,

its down to taste like everything else.

That is why sites like this are good for the games that maps are created for.

Thanx again for all your comments and keep them coming


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Hi-C unregistered
#4   31 Mar 2000
I was impressed by the appearance, the best thing about the map for me being the ornate texturing. The mood is set well. I wanted more connectivity in gameplay.
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Q11-OzzY unregistered
#3   26 Mar 2000
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Jim unregistered
#2   25 Mar 2000
It's an ok map- nothing too great about it, but not all that bad. For a tourney tho, maybe the lightning and rail isn't the best weapon combo.
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DaveBulow unregistered
#1   25 Mar 2000
Looks good from the screenshot. I'll download it.
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