The Place Of Many Captures
The Place Of Many Captures by Antonio Valcarcel
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HelterSkeleton Rep. 5711
#12   19 Mar 2021
my biggest gripe is not enough was done to spruce up the gameplay: some extra paths flanking the middle area, and a gl for each side would have worked nice.
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The Wiz unregistered
#11   05 May 2002
Way to go :)
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tioflapas unregistered
#10   24 Jan 2002
joer q me he olvidao de votar
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tioflapas unregistered
#9   24 Jan 2002
oye este mapa es cojonudo. para q luego digan q los españoles no sabemos hacer nada.

enhorabuena de parte de un maño.

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MasterAtlas unregistered
#8   26 Apr 2001
love the detailing of the map, it rockz!
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Stealthy Sniper unregistered
#7   31 Mar 2000
The gameplay is quite good even though it has obviously been copied from q3dm4. However there is no RAIL GUN!!!
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4Fuxache unregistered
#6   26 Mar 2000
Pretty cool level better choice of map for ctf than the one iD did
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Octovus unregistered
#5   26 Mar 2000
Yeah pretty good gameplay...though even if you managed to have two people standing in that middle "pit" area the game was easily won. Use of the grappling hook prevents this though....and yeah no RG (though of course there isn't one in DM4 either =( )
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MogWaEE unregistered
#4   25 Mar 2000
Yep... it's a rip, but the gameplay is very good, exceptthat I am desperately missing a RAILGUN!!!
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0ozE unregistered
#3   25 Mar 2000
No rail gun in that (screenie) is a freakin' crime!
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pUq3 unregistered
#2   25 Mar 2000
I liked this conversion, altho I missed the railgun actually... :)

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Jim unregistered
#1   25 Mar 2000
Probably the best "conversion" I've seen yet. This map works well as a CTF- but the power armor is basically a free capture to whoever grabs it first- as there is just enough time to grab the power armor- get the enemy flag, and capture it before it wears off.

The only major thing I didn't like was the "breating" sound- maybe the occasional chant ambient sound would have worked much better here.

I gave it a 6 only because it wasn't all original from scratch- probably would have got an 8 otherwise.

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