Still Alive
Still Alive by Requiem
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raspatan Rep. 4502
#9   24 Apr 2021
Oh man, what a map! Incredible balance (MH+YA vs RA + RG, with LG in the middle), amazing item location, excellent connectivity, and cool textures. What else can you ask for? Played with spiterbot and it is a real challenge. They get all items (contrary to one comment below). I love location of GL in particular. Great for "protecting" the MH and YA. Top 10 tourney map!
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Salinga unregistered
#8   31 May 2009
Elite Force version of this map here:
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Cityy unregistered
#7   31 Mar 2009
Catch it if you're fast enough ;P Plays really well with 1-4 players!

Btw: nice rail at the end of the video g

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Iharmi unregistered
#6   25 Dec 2008
Texture, construction and item placement is good. But the bot support could be better, the bots in CPM can't reach yellow armour and is having a hard time getting the Railgun.
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Stjartmunnen unregistered
#5   14 Nov 2008
Played this for the first time last night , 2 on 2, and it really is a great map. A must download! Perfect, balanced layout...and I dont agree with "Mark", the Rorshach texture pack looks great.
A 9 + imo. Well done Req!
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spirit Rep. 707
#4   13 Nov 2008
Agree with ShadoW, this map rocks. Played some 2vs2 games on it today and it was great fun!
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ShadoW unregistered
#3   12 Nov 2008
Grat map for CPMA 1v1 and 2v2!
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iSkin unregistered
#2   09 Nov 2008
I'm having problems with the water texture not showing up. Other than that, I really enjoy this map and I think it is a ton of fun.
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HelterSkeleton Rep. 6320
#1   28 Oct 2008
i can see this being used in competitions - it's that good. the transitions to the RA are reminiscent of cpm22. the texture set is a bit harsh on the eyes and could do with some breaking up but i appreaciate the author for taking up the challenge. i would be silly not to add this to my favourites. a 9.5 - points deducted for the strain on my eyes.
Edited: 28 Oct 2008 AEST
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