Future Brownie
Future Brownie by Fingers
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Captain_WoW unregistered
#82   21 Dec 2006
Excellent map. Definitely a classic, of course. Fast and furious. The looks never really bothered me. It does resemble a subway-station.

I've played this map from when it was released, nowadays I load it up to see the bots muck about. Pity though, that you can beat them so easily. It envolves a gl and quad. Cheap, I know, but it's tempting.

That's why I'm glad there are two Rl included!

Good map for gory screenshots, btw.

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Takkie Rep. 1798
#81   22 Oct 2006
Just awesome...
I don't need eye candy when you can have all this gameplay!
After 6 years... i still play this one.
An absolute inspiration for my own mapping.
Love it, Fingers!
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Nitebeat unregistered
#80   27 Jul 2002
Yep also still among my favourite maps =) just like tig said, super fast. And a real fragfest? damn right it is.

Shame bots don't go for the quad but ah well =-p =)

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Ping Floyd unregistered
#79   25 Nov 2001
Still a fav of mine, a very unique, strange atmosphere. Like abandoned, cold concrete. Weird and very nice, like all of Fingers maps. Keep them coming.
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Pogo unregistered
#78   10 Jun 2001
Scene complexity never exceeds ~7500verticies so the framerate is always high, except a slight drop when looking through portals. Ideal map for nonstop intense smooth action.
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Tigger-oN unregistered
#77   09 Jun 2001
I'm still playing and loving this map :]
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weezer unregistered
#76   02 Nov 2000
After many months of playing, and after downloading and playing dozens of other maps, I still like this lvl the best. Fast as hell and blood looks great on the concrete walls!
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TOM[AoH] unregistered
#75   27 Aug 2000
I love this map cause it's really fast playing! You will never have pauses between your frags if your playin it with 3+ players. No chance for campers you will need to watch your back. Play it, love it!
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Zak unregistered
#74   23 Aug 2000
I find this map kinda boring and not fun at all. However, I generally don't like enclosed maps, I like space maps and big open areas.
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Ex-Majesty unregistered
#73   28 Jul 2000
I want to jut out the class of this map, yes, it has a combination of simplicity (not architectural, of course) and elegance. Only one question, When will IK release another jewel like this?.
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Steinecke unregistered
#72   09 Jun 2000
Bots unable to reach Quad: Ruined botplay.
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Rodney Lorrimar unregistered
#71   08 Jun 2000
Looks great. A map doesn't have to use gothic textures and run at 4fps to look good. I like the sharp urban concrete feel and the tremendously quick gameplay.

Ikka is my favourite level designer!

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Shadow unregistered
#70   06 Jun 2000
The scenery sucks. But that’s not why you play this level. You play it because it’s an excellent frag fest. With 4+ players it has nonstop action and the ability to use multiple tactics so it doesn’t get repetitive (there’s good spots to snipe, grenade spamming, and just down and dirty jump in with your guns blazing). It’s a good tight level that will keep you busy. If you dump it because of the textures, sucks to be you.
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Hyp0-cr1t1c4l [] unregistered
#69   02 Jun 2000
This map has the decor of a toilet: no joke! Poor!
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DudeDude unregistered
#68   16 May 2000

I think this is one of the most fun maps for 1 on 1. The textures on the map may seem a bit bland but the curves really give it a polished look. This is one map you gotta have!

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d3f3nd3r unregistered
#67   07 May 2000
Just wanted to say that I downloaded this map when it was first released and I'm still playing it. It may not be a very 'challenging' map, but the gameplay is great for a quick spot of Quake. The only thing I would change in this level is the portal, which chokes the hell out of my system.
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not entered unregistered
#66   04 May 2000
Looks ugly.
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GoZeR unregistered
#65   29 Apr 2000
303k well spent, several hours playing it..... could possibly have been spent better doing work :0) still.. WTF. one of the first maps i downloaded.... Still my favourite esp 1on1 over a Lan.
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GoZeR unregistered
#64   29 Apr 2000
303k well spent, several hours playing it..... could possibly have been spent better doing work :0) still.. WTF. one of the first maps i downloaded.... Still my favourite esp 1on1 over a Lan.
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Senior Teflon unregistered
#63   19 Apr 2000
Fabulous gameplay. Even with only three players, you can never simply concentrate on one target; if you ignore your backside, you'll get it shot off. The use of curves and clean concrete gives this level a no-nonsense, businesslike feel; if you're playing this level, you're here to frag, not to take in the scenery. That said, the scenery is attractive in its own way; it reminds me of a parking garage or a stairwell, and I can almost smell the slightly earthy scent of new concrete. The teleporter is also nicely done, particularly because it makes a great camera to see what's going on at the other end of the link. My only complaint is that it's far too easy to camp the grenade launcher when playing against bots; they're just too dumb, even on Hardcore difficulty, to come and clear you off the shelf before you've randomly bounced enough shrapnel into the downstairs area to obliterate the competition.
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Fingers unregistered
#62   28 Mar 2000
Heh, people still talking about this thing? I didn't realize I was up to so much controversy when I released it =)

I find it odd that people think this is a "gameplay only" map with no looks. I intentionally went for a clean, slick, 30's functionalism kind of style and theme, with all smooth polished surfaces, curves seamlessly connecting to straight walls etc... And I think I was successful; I like the way it turned out, looks-wise as well as gameplay-wise. It's a definite departure from the "regular" Q3A style, though... So I guess it may be hard to consume to some people.

As I look back, there's only a few things I would change... Mainly the lighting; it was rushed. I probably should've used the "damaged" version of the concrete in a couple of more spots as well, just to break the repetition a little. But I would never try to dress up a map like this in "gothic" textures. This is steel-and-concrete architecture, and that means steel-and-concrete textures. It doesn't get much simpler than that.

Oh BTW, I don't have Half-Life. =)

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Leviathen unregistered
#61   24 Mar 2000
Well built, well realised, totally fkin dull. C'mon IK you can do waaaaaaay better than this, I know you can, I've player yer maps on other Quake versions. At no point in this map are there any kind of distinctive areas or landmarks, all you get is tight, claustrophobic play which very swiftly becomes very, very boring.
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McFly unregistered
#60   23 Mar 2000
Fast, fun, and furious!


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[-V1Ru5-] unregistered
#59   16 Mar 2000
Decent map by good mapper but i really dont think it belongs in any top 10
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j unregistered
#58   25 Feb 2000
this map has produced the two finest DM sessions I've had - great, you spot someone, and they vanish, you really have to work to get a decent frag, and by then there's someone behind you shooting yer ass! absolutely superb - good for 2-4 definitely
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not entered unregistered
#57   23 Feb 2000
Fast paced, frags everywhere. Definetly reminescent of Q2.

Great map

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TRS-1 unregistered
#56   18 Feb 2000
What HL map would that be, scm?
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Stone Cold Murder unregistered
#55   16 Feb 2000
This map is a GOOD ripoff of a HalfLife map.I think you have to be a converted map collector to fully appreciate it,but a good one nonetheless.
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Scorpion unregistered
#54   13 Feb 2000
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Sundown unregistered
#53   12 Feb 2000
First off, the map is fun to play, no doubt. Cept I just keep gettin' this feeling that I'm playing inside a well-designed Coors Light can. So it just won't have quite as much longevity on my HD. Make it like I'm inside a bottle of Guiness, and I'll build a tent and pack a lunch.
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not entered unregistered
#52   08 Feb 2000
Look ... I'll agree that I can see the attraction of style in a map but for myself, that attraction simply isn't there. You could put as much style as you want into a map and I wouldn't notice it other than the framerate hit. No matter what anyone says, I'll never find style important and therefore, I won't value maps with style AND gameplay above maps with gameplay alone, I'll just like them equally.

You obviously like your maps to be stylish as well as play well. That's fine, I've got no problem with that. What I was initially annoyed about in your post was the fact that you said that people ignored the style which looking at a map should 'do their homework'. As I said in my previous post, it's completely up to the individual, no one else, as to what they value more.

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Obiwan Kenobi unregistered
#51   07 Feb 2000
Okay, I don't want to get an argument going, but let me say this: Those who don't think style is important, go here:


I think its important to remember that diluting everything and turning everything down so you can play ULTRA-SUPER-GODLIKE-fast isn't always so important. Sometimes function AND style make a great map, not just one or the other (Don't get me started about the cough overrated-but-cool cough Japanese level... hi g1zmo =) You still rock.

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tnarg of krol unregistered
#50   07 Feb 2000
Obiwan ... you say that people who say that it's better than any of the id maps should do their homework. Sure, the style isn't that great, but it's really up to the individual whether or not they value style or gameplay. Myself, I play with r_picmip 5 so style means not a lot to me. I find that this map suits me a lot more than any of the id maps and, since I value gameplay over style, this map is better for me. The fact Keranen hasn't been overly stylish in his creation of the map doesn't enter into it.
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Obiwan Kenobi unregistered
#49   07 Feb 2000
Wow, look at the ass-kissin goin on in here. Well, let me say that I too enjoyed it. Technically, it needs work. The boys' got too many "sparklies" or seams or whatever you want to call them lingering in this map. An experienced mapper such as himself should have gotten those hashed out before he released it, but that's a minor squibble.

The gameplay is fast and cool. I don't think the RG was paticularly appropriate, but it works I suppose. The bots like everything but the quad, which they can never seem to get to. But that doesn't stop humans :) It's cool, and fast, but I think those who said "better than any of the id maps" should do their homework. This map has function, but no style.

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tnarg of krol unregistered
#48   02 Feb 2000
Class map. A bit dull on textures (tho on picmip 5 you tend not to notice :) but the gameplay is incredibly fast and it sh*ts all over the standard Q3 maps, IMO.
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0ozE unregistered
#47   31 Jan 2000
I like this level..at first I didn't cause I'm a sucker for eye-candy, but the gameplay is the sh1t...must be played at least three times before you post judgement vs. some decent bots. Excellent design and lots of ways to surprise your opponent.

Thumbs way up!

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0ozE unregistered
#46   31 Jan 2000
I like this level..at first I didn't cause I'm a sucker for eye-candy, but the gameplay is the sh1t...must be played at least three times before you post judgement vs. some decent bots. Excellent design and lots of ways to surprise your opponent.

Thumbs way up!

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AndysAlien unregistered
#45   27 Jan 2000
i have a competion for all who are willing ot take the challenge... add the maximum amount of Orrb bots on "I Can Win" skill and use the gauntlet for the entire match, if you can kill 100 in 4 minutes send the demo of the match to : afitzsimon@hotmail.com
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capi'n cornut unregistered
#44   20 Jan 2000
Very impressed! Never experienced earlier works by Iikka but I guess we have alot to look foward to. My little iMac 233 w/ Voodoo II can keep up with no probs. :) Thank you Iikka for a great map! -my favorite to date.
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rapid unregistered
#43   20 Jan 2000
"Garish, oversaturated, and busy." Take a look at q3dm5 and try to tell me that the id texture set is a good thing. =)

Yay for more textures!

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zeldrik unregistered
#42   14 Jan 2000
when i first looked at this map the first thing that popped into my head was boring design.

But and there is a but after playing it (wich is what maps are made for)i really had fun lots of action and fraggs

job well done

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Scampie unregistered
#41   13 Jan 2000
Best map yet. Hands down
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Scampie unregistered
#40   13 Jan 2000
Best map yet. Hands down
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than unregistered
#39   13 Jan 2000
btw, I posted a review of the map over at my homepage too (Home you don't mind, tigger, I'm not a dedicated reviewer anyway, I just review maps I really like). Check it out at:


Oh, and yes, I do call it a comment so go ahead, punk, make my day.

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Than unregistered
#38   13 Jan 2000
Wow! I really enjoyed this map. Ok so it looks fairly plain but I like the style, there's not too much eye candy going on but there is a strong theme running through the map. The scale is pretty good - not too big nor too small and all the drop downs and stuff give the map a nice vertical flow despite being only on two layers.

Bots never hung around in the same spot like they do in most of ids maps and I found the action was rarely centered in one place, wherever I went I could get frags. The item placement is pretty good, I was never far away from a decent item and never running around with no armour or health (obviously not with no health :)

A really great map overall, I'm glad I d/led it. Oh, and it runs bloody nice on my p200 so I'm well pleased :) (medium detail btw, not visual orgasm detail)


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ubiquityXX unregistered
#37   12 Jan 2000
there's an elegant usage of space and lighting in this level, combined with the speed it makes an incredible DM.

more mappers should follow keranen's lead. not all quake levels need to be dark and gothic. think different people.

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GibFest unregistered
#36   11 Jan 2000
Damn Fine map. I love it and you can expect a review at GMC2K very soon 8)

Gonna go an play it now.

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Shug unregistered
#35   07 Jan 2000
Best quake3 map available.

Including the id maps that came with the game.

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not entered unregistered
#34   06 Jan 2000

Get it now.

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Jim unregistered
#33   06 Jan 2000
I recognized Iikka's name as I enjoyed playing his Q1 maps, so I had to give this one a try.

Nice. Small, simple, and elegant. Very good playability as well, a facter frequently overlooked in the design of Q3 maps.

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AndysAlien unregistered
#32   06 Jan 2000


PS ||||||||||||||||||||||||||...

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[aDr]G3D unregistered
#31   06 Jan 2000
OOOOOh Myyyyy GoDDDDDD, This map is the proof that my re-acuring 1 on 1 wet dream is indeed more than just a dream!! Fingers this maps the mutts nuts ... keep em comin =)
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Rocket Racer unregistered
#30   05 Jan 2000
Nicely surprised that it didn't feel cramped at all -- just tight, fast and mean. Once again, it's easy to see why Iikka got where he is.
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Vondur unregistered
#29   05 Jan 2000
Groovy...curvy...shiny...funny... Keep on Fingers!

[but..um..where are ambient sounds?]

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pagb666 unregistered
#28   05 Jan 2000
High Framerate

Fast Gameplay

Good Design

What are you waiting for? Go and Get It NoW!!!!

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phen unregistered
#27   05 Jan 2000
Great fun. The aesthetic reminds me of the GUI for Wipeout3.


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Triga -mappa unregistered
#26   05 Jan 2000
Texturing suits this small fast paced action level. The hallways are just the right size, no trouble getting through them.

Great job!

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tapped unregistered
#25   05 Jan 2000
VERY cool map. tasty use of curves and textures. very clean and polished, too. great fun for 2-4, imho. there should be more like it.
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Stale Ted unregistered
#24   04 Jan 2000
This map rocks! I'd like to see a much larger map by Iikka like he's done in the past. Not too flashy with good bot movement and a large spacious layout for a crapload of people or bots to frag in.

Happy fragging!


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Tasrip unregistered
#23   04 Jan 2000
This level is way too sterile and doesnt really bring anything new to the table. It is a decent map but the game being Q3 and all I just expected more from him. Im not flaming , just being honest.
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NightReaper unregistered
#22   04 Jan 2000
Great Map.

I am soo happy that someone finally decided to get away from the "Gothic Look" that everyone is using. This map reminds me of a certain Rocket Arena 2 map that was a castle in the Medieval Times. Sure it was out of place but it was one of the best maps I have every played. Same thing goes for this one.

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Lord Imric unregistered
#21   04 Jan 2000
I love this map, I am hooked on it. I had to force myself to come away from Quake3. I hope to see more like it in the future.

The map is the best one yet for Q3, and reminds me off good old Quake. The bots seem to play well on it, Its my stlye of play too. This map is a MUST!

But best of all its different, I have to say I am not too fond of the "Goth" look of Q3A, this just makes me wet myself with joy :)


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Jeepster unregistered
#20   04 Jan 2000
The map is nice. I mean, the author did try to blend the whole textures and colors alltogether and this makes this map stand out from others. The only problem is that this map misses some open (or bigger) areas. OVerall, this map looks really good but IMO doesn't play as well.
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Junky unregistered
#19   04 Jan 2000
I soo dig this damn map! I dont know whats up with the ppl and thier More eye candy.. well i think it flows great the fps on this baby is good.. and hmm well.. ITS FUN!!


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Fingers unregistered
#18   04 Jan 2000
The correct version of the level is up on my website:

The download size should be about 300k, not 450k like the first version. This is the best way to tell which version it is. (The newer version has a more compact optimized .aas file so it's smaller)

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Tigger-oN unregistered
#17   04 Jan 2000
Fingers - if there is a different version of this map could you email it to lvl@ebom.org so i can update the ftp site (or d/load the copy i have on the ftp server and see if its the most current).
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aragorn unregistered
#16   04 Jan 2000
I definately think this is the best q3 map released so far. If all the user made maps looked just like id's (and God forbid, played just like them too), what fun would that be? It would be great to see maps such as this one embraced by the "community" as it would provide a much more intense playing field for 1v1 than any of the standard q3 maps.
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Fingers unregistered
#15   04 Jan 2000
4Fuxache ... The portals should have a dirty glass texture on them. The first version had the problem you described, because the shader was bad... But you shouldn't be able to download it anymore, since I fixed it later the same day and uploaded the new version overwriting the old one. Where did you download it from?
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Reseth unregistered
#14   04 Jan 2000
Nice map, but you don't need to play this for the beauty...it's fun to play, but the map becomes boring after 5 minutes of playing IMHO.
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GibFest unregistered
#13   04 Jan 2000
Good Stuff
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Karma unregistered
#12   04 Jan 2000
I like the stuff you've done earlier for Q1 and Q2 much more, especially the secret installation thingie for Q1 which I still play once in a while. Undoubtedly the best Quake 1 level ever...

I think it's the textures and as the others also said, it's a bit to cramped when first you've gotten used to the verticalness of ID's Q3 maps.

But I'm looking forward to your new batch of textures, if they're as good as you're previous they'll rock my world :)

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Raven unregistered
#11   03 Jan 2000
Great Map, My favourite so far, don't be afraid to stick to your way of doing things, even if they are "Not" in the "Quake 3 style". And glad to hear that you don't like the Quake 3 textures (even though I do), it will be great for diversity. Once again Great Map, all Quake versions of it!

Quake on!!

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Frib unregistered
#10   03 Jan 2000
Out of place is good Fingers, it means it is unique :)

Surprisingly enough this map is GREAT fun, I mean this one is actually worth playing, even against the bots (making it eons better than most q3 maps so far). When I first looked at it, I assumed it was going to feel too cramped, but no, it's "just right". The small size makes for a fast paced game, rather than the normally comatose q3 play.

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4Fuxache unregistered
#9   03 Jan 2000
nice tight & frantic but.. when Im approaching a portal it is black until I get close to it, is it a bug with the map or my carddrivers or the way you wanted it to look? very cool map though
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Fingers unregistered
#8   03 Jan 2000
Thanks :)

BTW, I'm currently working on some textures, similar to my old ikbase stuff... So my maps might get a little more dirty and grungy in the future. I just can't stand the "gothic" Q3A textures... Too garish, oversaturated and busy. I prefer "out of place" over that :>

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Killer unregistered
#7   03 Jan 2000
Very nice work Iikka. I love the sterile feel and think that less is more here (terrible cliche I know, sorry). I agree, the best custom Q3 map I have played so far. Kudos.
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Peej unregistered
#6   03 Jan 2000
Simply the best Q3A map to date, the Q1 version rocked, and this version just goes to improve further on a great little map.


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rapid unregistered
#5   03 Jan 2000
Pros: fast, clean, good lighting, good flow.

Cons: bland, needs caulking.

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0xide unregistered
#4   03 Jan 2000
Ummm, this map is too cramped and bland to be any real fun. Looks like a halflife map; completely out of place in quake3.
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Johnny unregistered
#3   03 Jan 2000
Hmm I have mixed opinions about this one. It runs very fast, and has a solid design. However I would of liked a little more eye candy. Also Q3A maps imho should take advantage of the large poly counts available, the areas here are pretty cramped. I've followed Iikka's work since his Quake2 SP days and I've always been extremely fond of it. I'm hoping once he gets comfortable with the Q3A engine, he starts making some of those towering, awe inspiring set pieces I remember from the q2 days(I hope im not mixing up keranen with yooshin yang). Anyway nice map, nice curves,(first person I've seen to bend a curve on more than one axis), looks like it could of been spruced up a little though.
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.xi0ix. unregistered
#2   03 Jan 2000
Solid design and plays great. The best user made map so far.
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Deadstar unregistered
#1   02 Jan 2000
The ONLY custom Q3A map worth downloading so far. Iikka shows he's a pro.. not some 2-bit hacker =)
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