Garden Satanica
Garden Satanica by PrimeviL
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KommissarReb (SW12) Rep. 2210
#35   05 May 2021
@HelterSkeleton Nope. I was referring to The Necropolis (E1M3) from Quake 1. Specifically the water filled cavern that had the island with the Gold Key is what I thought of when I saw the levelshot for this map. I probably should have looked it up instead of hoping people could read my mind at that moment.
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HelterSkeleton Rep. 5440
#34   01 May 2021
I really like the consistent realisation of the theme, but the symmetrical layout leads to a very symmetrical style gameplay. to reiterate the review and an earlier comment by the_engine -- the bfg is rather pointless, because access is rather difficult; there is nothing wrong with power-ups and powerful weapons to be hard to get but not to the point of being impossible. The reasons contributing to this for me are the reasons that let it down as a level overall. Lack of connectivity through the sections, mean you have to use the open middle arena to get through. This is not helped by all the teleports taking you here too. If you spawn at the bottom, you must go through here to get health as the medikit and MH are accessible only from the upper areas, and the only other health worth grabbing is via a bouncepad in the middle of the open arena. You need both health and armour to stand any chance of getting the quad or bfg, and even if you do, you end up being exposed to whoever has the railgun here. So other than a few weapons and some green health bubbles, or one of the yellow armours, everything seem overly difficult to grab leading to a lot of stand-offish and cautious play or rg domination in the middle. @KommissarReb (SW12) I am assuming you are referring to the temple of pain map used in team arena and I think also for the sega dreamcast? or dm17? coz I got a real mptourney3 vibe off the screenshot
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Colton Rep. 329
#33   27 May 2016
Yes, @KommissarReb, there IS bot support. Although they don't grab the Quad or the BFG.
Edited 16.82 minutes after the original posting.
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KommissarReb (SW12) Rep. 2210
#32   30 Jun 2012
Has bot support been added yet? If not, I won't keep it unless I have a fun time on it with Hunt.

Screenie sorta made me think on a certain Quake level...(you know which one ;)

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FragTastic Rep. 2241
#31   26 Feb 2012
I actually think this map is really good ;). Not bad. 8.5/10
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PrimeviL unregistered
#30   15 Jan 2002
Thanks all. I never did any other Q3 maps as I was too busy working on Drakan: The Ancients' Gates for PS2. Glad you liked it. :)
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Nitebeat unregistered
#29   26 Dec 2001
Nice map, this is really one of the few maps the bots actually play well :) one bot in particular kept owning me :-B

Good map, like the looks and atmosphere.

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Timmy!!! unregistered
#28   28 Dec 2000
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Sundown unregistered
#27   13 Feb 2000
Looks damn good--and I felt like Ed Harris in the Abyss goin' down that bitchin well! It just needed a few more weapons to make it yummier. A good effort.
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Penetrated unregistered
#26   07 Feb 2000
Very professional looking, indeed a map that could be played all the time and not get bored of.
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Brainer unregistered
#25   07 Feb 2000
I usually don't like BFG in a map, but the placement makes it hard to get to, and is well thought out. Killer map!
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Timothy 11 BlacK unregistered
#24   19 Jan 2000
It's just too good for a q3 reminds me of the way q3 was supposed to look about 9 months before the release of it!
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cyebrman unregistered
#23   15 Jan 2000
this map is just cool:)

I love how the BFG placement was done.

this map is as good as id's maps

well done, I hope to see more...

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Peek a Boo unregistered
#22   09 Jan 2000
Adding maps to the Q3A menu select. YES it works, but there seems a limit to it - around 70 to 80 total maps - be selected through the menu.

I think i tested over 50 user-made maps.

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Peek a Boo unregistered
#21   09 Jan 2000
Map kicks bot

I love how u have to get to the BFG - a long swim - need the Mega Health. Great gameplay

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AndysAlien unregistered
#20   06 Jan 2000

PS. to Lil' Billy if you havent got enough friends to play this map then just add bots. (THATS WHAT THEY ARE THERE FOR) space fillers

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littlemute unregistered
#19   05 Jan 2000
me likee!

I love the well to the bfg, I'm a sucker for that sort of shite.

best of all it was fun to explore. This type of level makes me want to quit making levels, but as my motto says, I can never be the best, but I can still be terrible. @_@

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Nonny unregistered
#18   05 Jan 2000
IMHO the best usermade map so far, but why oh why is Q3Radiant so non-user friendly?
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vince unregistered
#17   05 Jan 2000
good texturing

good map for the dm

thankx for the fun play

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lolburger unregistered
#16   04 Jan 2000
map rox!!!
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Jeepster unregistered
#15   04 Jan 2000
Hi, The map looks really good. There is much detail and I appreciate the work that the author put in. I recommend playing with more than 8 players for a faster gameplay. I also dig the water passages the author has put in. Reall nice.
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not entered unregistered
#14   04 Jan 2000
I'm not sure if it's just me but I really liked it, gameplay has obviously been thought about and the general feel is that it's a nicely polished map... that holds together well... This is the best user created level I've seen so far ... (more to download today though!) hur hur hur
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Dr. Feelgood unregistered
#13   03 Jan 2000
Apperance: Excellent. I like the look and feel. Not too cluttered or complex.

Playability: Excellent. Good flow, and feel to the whole map. Wasn't too crazy about the pits to the BFG. First time is fun after that just annoying.

Bots: Ok at best.

Overall a very good map. Puts it all together (exept bots suck).

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Cyberhazard unregistered
#12   03 Jan 2000
Not bad, kinda big, plays well, looks good. Even got the bends on a couple of deep dives. Wish it had BG music, but the sound fx are cool.
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Lil' Billy unregistered
#11   03 Jan 2000
Far too large... even for 6 players
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Doombringer unregistered
#10   03 Jan 2000
Thanks Johnny Law and dr0KheaD for the heads up info!!
I'll let you know how the txt hacking goes.


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Johnny Law unregistered
#9   03 Jan 2000
So, I actually went and tried out my suggestion. Didn't work. :-) Apparently the arenas.txt needs to be in a pk3 file. So I put mine in one named z_arenas.pk3 to make sure it is the last arenas.txt loaded... works like a charm.

Make sure that you create the pk3 file so that arenas.txt is in the path "scripts".

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dr0KheaD unregistered
#8   03 Jan 2000
To Doombringer:
You have to change the /scripts/arenas.txt file to show new maps in the selection screen. Just open the file and you will see how it´s done.
If you still have probs, drop me a Mail.


Oh yeah, the level: It looks good, but it doesnt play so well

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Johnny Law unregistered
#7   03 Jan 2000
About maps showing up in the menu...

The menu is determined by the scripts/arenas.txt file. Your pak0.pk3 has one of those that lists all the standard id maps. twpak0.pk3 also has one that lists all of the standard id maps PLUS the threewave maps. Since "twpak0" comes alphabetically after "pak0", that's the arenas.txt that gets used.

Obviously other map authors can't take this approach, because your arenas.txt would be "competing" with everyone else's, and the end result would just depend on alphabetical order. It's really disappointing that id didn't think to allowincremental additionsto arenas.txt, rather than having to specify the whole list.

What youcando (I think) is copy the arenas.txt file from twpak0.pk3 into your baseq3/scripts folder (create that folder if you don't have it already). Then, when you download a new map, modify that file to add the map. This should work if standalone files take precedence over files in pk3s. I haven't tested that yet in Q3, but that's the way that precedence worked in the previous Quakes, so it's probably worth a try.

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Patridiot unregistered
#6   03 Jan 2000

I was playing this map for a while over at its makers server and generaly having a great time with it. I had two main problems with this map however. The first is that there simply isn't enough health making stocking back up somewhat tedious. On the positive side it does give the map a tense Rocket Arena feeling. The other problem is that the map is simply too hard to get around. There is basicly only one route to each room. It gives the map a linear feeling and makes things like cut offs and other such strategy slim.

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Doombringer unregistered
#5   03 Jan 2000
Why can't the maps that are downloaded for Quake3 show up in the menu? Instead of loading them from the command line. I noticed TW CTF went under the CTF menu. Is there a trick that id isn't telling the map makers about?
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SonicDeath unregistered
#4   03 Jan 2000
Cool architecture and good texturing. You really gave your level a good "mood". The only thing I'd like to see improved is the gameflow/gamespeed. The heat of the battle sort of "dies out" when one fall of a ledge and end up a few meters below with no possibility to get up again without RL jumping.

Keep up the good work!

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tHE_eNgiNE unregistered
#3   03 Jan 2000
THe BOTs must be pretty smart to not go after the BFG, seeing as how it's such a pain in the ass to get to. For future reference, id did a good job of balancing the BFG so that it wasn't such a good newbie weapon (a la Q2), so next time try not to make it such a hassle to get it. (Just a general comment: Maps in general would be a lot better if level designers didn't feel they had to punish players as a cheap way to give the level balance) That being said, I felt the map had decent flow, and except for the action occasionally getting stuck in some odd places, decent use of space. Looking forward to future maps.
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PrimeviL unregistered
#2   02 Jan 2000
The new version of the map has bot support now. Enjoy. :)
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PrimeviL unregistered
#1   02 Jan 2000
No bots cuz they couldn't get BFG or quad so what's the point? I may release bot support since a few people have asked for it...
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