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Garden Satanica
------- Q3A Map ------- File : trc_gs.pk3 Title : Garden Satanica Description : Deathmatch Map for Quake 3 Arena Designer : Todd "PrimeviL" Clineschmidt Editor Used : QERadiant Build Time : A few hours a night for a little over a week Date Completed : New Year's Eve, 1999 Bot Support : No Brushes : 1920 Entities : 338 Comments : This is my first Q3A map. I had to learn QER, so it took a little longer than it should have. However, QER is very similar to the other BSP editors I've used so the learning curve wasn't too bad. This map was really meant as just a means to get familiar with QER. More maps to come. However, I hope it captures some of the grand and evil feel of the Quake series. Garden Satanica is meant for 4+ people FFA. The design centralizes the players into the main courtyard, so plenty of mayhem should result. >:) Enjoy! Thanks : The people on the ShugaShack messageboard for answering a few questions I had during the build process. id Software for releasing the tools for their badass product. Willits for making killer shit for years. Dre for playtesting/input. Installation : Put the trc_gs.pk3 into your Q3 "/baseq3" directory. Disclaimer : Garden Satanica is Copyright (c) 1999 Todd Clineschmidt. You may distribute the original zip file, but may not alter it. This map is in no way affiliated with Surreal Software, Inc. (www.surreal.com) Version : 1.1 - Fixed a problem with the original map where it was referencing a texture located in a PAK file that only people who had QER installed would have. Questions? : **email removed**
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