Future Brownie

Title : Future Brownie
Release date : Midnight December 31st 1999 - January 1st 2000
Revised with a better portal shader the next day
File name : ik3dm1.bsp

Author : Iikka "Fingers" Keranen
Email Address : **email removed**

Map description : My first experiment with Quake3 map building...
Actually a semi-conversion of my latest Q2/Q1
map "Farewell to Fudge Brownies", but in a
completely different theme.

I ran into trouble with all the curves... Seems
like Q3 doesn't really like as curvy architecture
as we're used to with Quake and Quake2 levels;
the texture alignment was damn near impossible,
and even when it looks perfect in the editor,
the curves don't perfectly blend into the
environment in game, resulting in visible seams :-(

Anyway, I kind of like this little map... Very
non-Quake3-ish theme with smooth and clean gameplay.
Supports bots and stuff.

Thanks to : id and folks at qboard for shader help

***** Construction *****

Editor used : Q3Radiant
Known Bugs : Q3 seems to occasionally produce seams between curves. :P
Build Time : Maybe total of 3 days?
Compile machine : p2/350
Compile Times : About a minute


* How to use the .pk3 *

copy ik3dm1.pk3 to your baseq3 directory
run Q3A, and type "/map ik3dm1" in the console (~ key)

* Copyright / Permissions *

You're allowed to redistribute this level via electronic media such as Internet,
and free of charge. Any commercial use without a permission is prohibited.