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better off dead
better off dead by spirit
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EmeraldTiger Rep. 1060
#3   01 Jul 2011
Good layout. Could`ve been made a lot more vq3 friendly though imo, so that both vq3 and cpm audiences could play it. But then that`s why we have the OA version. :)
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spirit Rep. 391
#2   18 Jan 2011
Yeah, the texturing of this map sucks. From my current point of view I'd say the whole map ain't that great tbh. ;)
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Takkie Rep. 878
#1   27 Sep 2007
I like a rusty feeling in a map and i like it in this map.
well build.
It has that cpma feelinĀ“(but i donĀ“t play cpma and maybe that's my wrong...)
Fun in tdm and in ffa.
I think the texturing is good but sometimes a bit... uhh strange?
I recon the textures come from different texture packs and some join better than others.
Overall the textures work out just fine...
GJ spirit...
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