Hypersonic Tourney
Hypersonic Tourney by zeal0r
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raspatan Rep. 4064
#6   14 Nov 2020
Nice design and good item placement. Probably too many portals, making the game flow quite "jumpy", since size is fairly big and encounters end up being not that common. RG is unnecessary in this map, since it lacks enough open spaces for such type of weapon.
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FragTastic Rep. 2221
#5   07 Jan 2012
Fun Map!
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Joki unregistered
#4   03 Jul 2008
A very fast, excellent 1on1 map.
I like the size of the rooms, the item placement and especially the jumps possible.
(from MH to RA, from the teleporter to the left to the RA, from the MH over the big edge...)
Good Job!
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zeal0r Rep. 30
#3   25 Oct 2007
i'd hoped you'd want to keep it for more than 'a few rounds' :-/

Edited: 25.Oct.2007 09:13 AEST

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Takkie Rep. 1698
#2   13 Sep 2007
Nice and fun map.
good flow.
I like that crampy feelin'.
Sarge is annoying me with that sg.


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spirit Rep. 517
#1   09 Sep 2007
A fun map, played it a lot. Only thing I'm not sure about is the number of teles and whether all of them are really needed. Grab this one!
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