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better off dead
*** spirit3t2 - better off dead *** for quake III arena / cpma by spirit GENEREAL MAP DATA ================== MAP NAME : spirit3t2 LONGNAME : better off dead PK3.NAME : spirit3t2.pk3 GAME TYPE : tourney / 2vs2 TDM / FFA TDM 2vs2 recommended MOD : recommended : CPMA - www.promode.org MAP THEME : industry base BASE : new map from scratch BUILD TIME : > 40 h COMPILE TIME : < 1 h @ Pentium M 1500 STUFF USED : * qeradiant 1.50 RC-1 (linux build) * qeradiant 1.4 stable (linux build) * q3map2 (linux build) * debian gnu/linux * chianti RELEASE DATE : 04-27-2007 FILE SIZE : ~5 MB NOTES : a slightly modified version of this map is included in the map-center OA mappack as mc-oa-dm05. GAMEPLAY ========= BOTS : doom, phobos WEAPONS : SG, GL, RL, PG, RG, LG ITEMS : 2 YA, 1 MH, 1 JA (CPMA/OSP only) various health and shards TDM-only: Quad, 1 additional JA (CPMA/OSP only), some ammo/health adjustments AUTHOR INFO ============ NAME : spirit CONTACT : see www.sp1r1t.org/contact/ WWW : maps.sp1r1t.org CREDITS ======== This map uses artwork made by the following people : * E8 textures by Evillair www.evillair.net * Mkoxide textures by Lunaran www.lunaran.com * Glass textures by Louie "KnightBK" Doulias fps.brainerd.net * Quakeworld Teleporter by Jude and Decker * Wall textures from cpm21 by swelt THANKS ======= * broar, henneck, tron, rei * many guys over at q3w, lvl and map-center including v1l3, subst, donkey and pjw - also ripped next paragraph from one of his readme files ;-). Copyright / Permissions ======================== This level is (c) by spirit (2007). All rights reserved. Authors MAY NOT use this level as a base to build additional levels. But if you're just dying to do something with it, contact me. We'll talk. You MAY distribute this .zip through the internet, FTP, local BBS, CDs etc., provided you leave the archive intact. You may mirror it, give it to your friends, review it etc. You are NOT allowed to COMMERCIALLY exploit this level, i.e. put it on a CD or any other electronic medium that would be included with a magazine without my explicit permission! (Just ask; be polite and stuff.) Version history ================ changes beta4 -> final version: * fixed jumppads for 'r_vertextlight 1' * fixed z-fighting under bridge/water * fixed broken light shaders * added some lamps (brushes) to make lighting more realistic * added Quad for TDM mode * various small lighting and texturing improvements
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