Abandoned Reality
Abandoned Reality by Moses
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Chunky Kibbles! Rep. 246
#7   23 Nov 2012
I love the two secrets to find the quad and the BFG! This is a well-done map and I've enjoyed many frags here. Visuals are great, as is the layout. Only downside is the respawn sound gets annoying, but it's liveable. All in all, definitely a winner here! 9/10
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v1l3 Rep. 1535
#6   18 Nov 2006
I like the sound....just remove the map from baseq3/mod when you're not playing it if you do not want the sound.
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Tryhard Rep. 42
#5   14 Sep 2006
Thank you Takkie!
I fixed the soundthing by doing what you suggested.

btw: it's possible to rj through the ceiling of the room on the screenshot to get a better look at the stars.

Edited: 14.Sep.2006 02:40 AEST

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Rome Rep. 21
#4   13 Sep 2006
yeah it bugs the spawn sound, thats y i dont keep these maps in my baseq folder, it b nice if that could b fixed, the maps are worth keeping.
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Takkie Rep. 1788
#3   13 Sep 2006
Nice map!

bit to much hallways imo.
but it's all well executed.
Good release!

Tryhard, you're not the only one that noticed this soundthing to happen.
It bugged me also a bit.

You could remove the sound/world/telein.wav and the sound/world/teleout.wav from the q3map-moses-dm7.pk3 yourself.
ALL your quake3 maps will have the old q3 teleporter sound (including this map).

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Tryhard Rep. 42
#2   13 Sep 2006
This map is really looking nice!-but:
i got a big problem that never occured with any map...
the respawn/teleporter sound that comes with this map is used for ALL my quake3 maps!!!
don't get me wrong - it perfectly fits to this one but to all maps...?
only thing i could do about it was to get this map off my baseq3 but i don't consider this a real "solution".
i have really been thinking about adding this comment but as of now i don't think that i am the only one that will notice this soundthing happen.
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Shadowtechnique Rep. 0
#1   11 Sep 2006
Friggin' sweet map. I give it a 9/10.
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