Tier Afterlife
Tier Afterlife by bonesaw
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Stick Man unregistered
#10   05 Jan 2013
didn't like this tier much. too short and some missing textures. 6/10 if i could vote
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not entered unregistered
#9   26 Mar 2000
great map! though i dont even have q3 on my puter. i'm just bored and stuff. I do have Quake3 but i'm waiting for my new computer to come in so ican paly it. cause i played it at my friends and q3 owned.
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Octovus unregistered
#8   23 Mar 2000
Heh I try (believe me) but often I don't even realise how long my posts are, as before to long they scroll of the top of the small comment-typing-box thing. =) Oh well....
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A Loser unregistered
#7   23 Mar 2000
great review 0oze =P
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0ozE unregistered
#6   23 Mar 2000
Hey guys, put some paragraphs in your lengthy posts...I don't mind reading them ( i like it, actually!) but it's alot easier to read with some spaces in between...agreed?
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bonesaw unregistered
#5   22 Mar 2000
Thanx dood, and BTW the MegaHealth door just has to be walked into to open it, but it's set to move r-e-a-l-s-l-o-w

and wait about 30 sec. (I think) before it can be triggered again. I tried to use a button or make it shootable but the damn bots are too stupid to understand that. They just stand there and run into where the door is. Turns out that Xaero using the button to squish ya in id's Q3Tourney6 is a hack in the code using the entity that lets you see through the portals. <-- I think.

thanx again.

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Octovus unregistered
#4   22 Mar 2000
Rightio feel free to kill me, I have stopped reading readmes except for mods, they are all the same thing mostly but evidently this one was not. =) Least I'll know what to do for future add-on tiers. One thing....how in hells name do you open that secret door to the megahealth? I only noticed once when I walked around the corner to find Bones humorously being squished between the door which he hadn't gotten out of in time. I tried shooting it and looking for buttons and such, but couldn't figure it out. =( Yes, the teleporters do help, and it would probably be somewhat better in online play, but there are powerups which are never really good for tourney play IMHO and I know you can turn them off but then that whole corner of the map really features no good reason to go there. More than anything it was just kind of big for a tourney map, not so much that it was really bad just that some of the better custom maps out there are tourney ones IMO. I am not a mapper and (sorry man) don't really have much idea how to do this but the action seemed very much spread out which is a good thing in that the bots moved around, not staying in one place and not really leaving a certain room. More so the action wasn't at all focusing in one area as far as I could tell. And yes the GL and such were placed well for sniping (if you can call it that with a GL) on the lower floors but the timing was usually so that I didn't see anyone there in tourney, though such places were much more valuable in TDM or even FFA. Maybe a PG instead of the SSG near the stairwell would make it worth the trip minus the powerup, and perhaps the SSG could be placed where the powerup is ATM. Also a PG in place of the SSG would make it a good degree easier to kill people who are camping the RL in tourney mode without having to go all the way and get the RG which can be a ways depending on where you spawn. IMO if you are going to have a powerup in tourney regen is ok but invis is out , you just stand no chance, and haste is the best for tourney if you ask me. Heh well there's my comments on Bad Karma [=)] and I guess I'll be back here some time tonight to comment on how the tier worked out now that I have it installed correctly. (I hope) =0 =)
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bonesaw unregistered
#3   22 Mar 2000
First, I'd like to say thanx for the feedback. And yes Octovus it is a tier mod, did you follow the install instructions in the readme, and have the latest (116n) patch? If so then there has to be something wrong that I need to fix. As far as the scale of the maps go, your right about dm1, I had just been hoping that the simplicity of the layout and having that few rooms would help offset the size. On the tourney map though, I would like to understand your opinions better. The design was layed out so that at just about any corner of the map (except the one over the boomstick) you could see and cover with the rail or GL allmost half of the map, not leaving too many places to go without being vulnerable. And the port was also to help make the travel distances shorter. when I played it against Xaero, he would allways catch me coming from the YA/Pers.Port hall or pop up right behind me. Can you tell me some other things that you found that you didn't like about any of the maps? Again, I really appreciate the input.

btw, Jim, you should read the readme too, in it I give credit to Tim Willits for Q1DM1 which was the inspiration for the tourney map, and to quote "Without using that damned bspc!"

thanx guys,


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Octovus unregistered
#2   22 Mar 2000
Yeah they were big Jim, notably the first one, but can I assume you were exaggerating? Perhaps the first one would work with that many, the second would be more than a completely insane fragfest, and the third...well I guess that would be just a regular fragfest. =) Oh yeah BTW this is supposed to be a tier right? (Um duh Octovus look at the name) Doesn't that mean that it should show up in the tier menu, or even if that can't be done I tried running this as g_gametype 2 (single player) and there was none as I found myself in an empty arena...what kind of a tier is that? (besides the fact it had 3 dms 1 tourney). Still all but the first map played pretty well IMO, Tig was a little hard on it. The first map just got completely centered on the RG with the occasional fragfest when running for the haste. It was just too big to make use of all of it. I really liked the second map, the PG side was perhaps a little disused but the GL was perfect for getting people camping behind the pillars to run for their lives. The bodysuit was well placed IMHO, though it would be easy to guard in a TDM unless the placement is changed (BTW I haven't played TDM yet on these maps). The third map was a bit too weird, it took forever to get up all those bouncepads in the side rooms and it was actually kind of hard to see excatly where the invisibiltiy powerup was as there is no marking on the floor and it of course spawns in that "invisible" texture. Last but not...no wait a minute, yes least, the tourney map. Um hello? I thought this was supposed to be for tourney. What you say? It is? And you had your head up your ass when you made it? A 2vs2 TDM worked well I found, and a 4 or 5 FFA worked though it wasn't all that great....generally the second and third got an 8 from me, the first a 6.5 rounded up to 7, and the tourney a 5 or 6 because someone actually figured it was good for tourney play (maybe if you have an hour and wish to spend it in one arena). And somehow or other that gets me to rate this map pack as a 7 out of ten much in agreement with Jim after all. =)

Happy Fraggin! Octovus

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Jim unregistered
#1   21 Mar 2000
Here are 4 maps with good, solid architecture, construction, texturing, and lighting throughout. Although I didn't care much for the symmetry of the 3 dm maps, their large sprawling layout often helps you to forget about the symmetry. It seems that these maps were made for 20+ player DMs due to their vast scale at which they were built.

The tourney map (although it would be better suited to 6 players than just 2) had a nice style with texturing that reminded me of some of the episode 1 maps in Quake I.

Good design, consistant quality, LARGE sprawling layouts, and symmetric. A bit too large for my style, because I'm not going to be able to run enough bots to fill it up on my P2/300, and I'm not likely to find someone running a good, low-ping server running this map with 20-30 players on it anytime soon.

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