The Shortest Yard
The Shortest Yard by Cactus Jack
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Anonymous unregistered
#14   18 Feb 2010
Nice. I vote 10.
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SiCdeth unregistered
#13   08 Apr 2000
sorry, cactus your pc does suck!
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Mista T. unregistered
#12   26 Mar 2000
Heck, I thought that MY map (Turbulance) was terrible. Say hello to the new king of bad maps. It should be called "The WORST Yard". LOL
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Cactus Jack unregistered
#11   25 Mar 2000
Ha, you're saying his pc sucks. On my map, I get a frame rate of 30 fps - with vertex lighting.
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CoReUpPeD unregistered
#10   24 Mar 2000
Sorry about that i missed the r in "you-r pc sucks"
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CoReUpPeD unregistered
#9   24 Mar 2000
Shut up SicDeth you pc sucks it worked fine on mine (by the way hobbes great map it was really funny).
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SiCdeth unregistered
#8   23 Mar 2000
hobbes, i downloaded ure map and i cant play it, what the hell? i have a copy of the bsp in my baseq3 AND in my maps files just to be sure and it still dont work!!
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CoReUpPeD unregistered
#7   23 Mar 2000
Oh man AHHH HAHAHAHA this map sucks real bad.It was fun for a moment but in the end its really bad.I must say i had a really good frame rate (about a steady 85-100fps) but i guess its good for those who like these kind of crappy maps!And i think those jump pads are a waste of brushes (the ones that make you jump about 5 feet forward HA!)This thing didnt last 5 minutes on my hard drive.
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SiCdeth unregistered
#6   22 Mar 2000
lol, it was amusing to play i thought it was pretty good for a first map. jim, i think the lightning gun works good, for cheesy players,all u have to do is get the quad, stand where the lg spawns and no matter where the player spawns you just spray him w/ lightning and u rack up the score! anyway, a little lazy of an attempt to actually put out a first map! but it was pretty amusing (for a little while)


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A Loser unregistered
#5   21 Mar 2000
rofl, then it wouldnt be the shortest yard anymore Jim
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Jim unregistered
#4   21 Mar 2000
Way too small. There's not even much "eye candy" here either. It may make a fast and furious 1vs1 or 3 player ffa, but I could imagine keeping the your score out of the negative would probably be the ultimate goal here, as I can see that being in the wrong place is probably more common than getting a frag.

The lightning gun shouldn't be on this map, its pretty useless unless you're on the same pad as your opponent, or maybe on the quad-pad shooting down to the 2 plats below you. It would have been better if the RL was replaced with the PG, keep the rail but take out the quad and SG. Make it a little bigger- space it out a bit more, maybe add one more plat, and give it some finishing detail, and this would a pretty good space map.

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Lard Nanny unregistered
#3   21 Mar 2000
Good thing I like pointless maps!
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Gila unregistered
#2   21 Mar 2000
No f%%%%%g way, I made my "The Shorter Yard" in mid Jan 2000!

It got here much later.

Find it and enjoy.

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Hobbes unregistered
#1   21 Mar 2000
LOL no fair! i made the shortest yard a month ago!



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