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The Shortest Yard
20.2.00 _______________________________________________________________________ Title : The Shortest Yard Filename : cjdm1.bsp Author : Cactus Jack Email : **email removed** Description : Tourney map set in space. Thanks : Id software, for Quake 3 and Q3Radiant. Quake3Mods.net, for the excellent tutorials. _______________________________________________________________________ - Playing Info - Tourney : Yes Deathmatch : Not really Team deathmatch : Nope CTF : No Bot Support : Yes - Construction - Base : Original Editor : Q3Radiant Build Time : 5 hours building [Mostly spent learning the basics], 2-3 hours tweaking Textures : base_wall, base_floor, base_light Build PC : P233MMX/32Mb [that's 32megs on the motherboard, not the 3d card by the way ;-) Q3Map : 7 seconds Q3Map -vis -fast : 5 seconds Q3Map -light : 1647 seconds Brushes : 148 Entities : 54 _______________________________________________________________________ - Info - Well, this is my first map. There is not that much detail, which is great for my rubbish old PC, but not necessarily what most people want. Still, I made the level to my tastes, including my favourite weapons etc. I only included the third spawn point to foil those pesky campers, and it'll be a bit overcrowded with 3 players. _______________________________________________________________________ - Installation - Unzip app to Quake3\baseq3. Run Quake3, press ~ and type in: \sv_pure 0, then \map cjdm1. _______________________________________________________________________ - Permissions / Disclaimer - You can do whatever you want with this map. However, I will take no responsibility if it messes up your PC etc. I have not purposely added malicious content to this map. Quake3 is a registered trademark of Id software, Inc. Well done, you read the whole file. Well, you didn't really, you just scrolled straight down to the bottom. Anyway, to replicate the cool shadows from the id screenshots [i.e. in the shape of your character] type \cg_shadows 3 at the console. They have a minimal performance hit.
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