Willpower by Spiike
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HelterSkeleton Rep. 5822
#27   30 May 2021
a bit of a weird one for me: I'm really not sure what this map is or wants to be. Aside from the fact that I found missing textures on this (even if it is the result of a map conflict it is also a fault in construction when such conflicts occur) the level has fully functioning flags. aside from the fact that the flag teles @ the pg don't work in ctf (and the ctf isn't included in the .arena) it is still playable as a 1 v 1 ctf. My conclusion is this: the author started making a small ctf, wasn't liking it so decided to release it as a tourney instead. In this respect, it does both very poorly and shows a lack of commitment, on the part of the author, as to the game type they were going to work with. I'd suggest skipping this altogether. ps: I thought item placement was also terrible for tourney. The author would have been much better off if they stuck to their original ctf commitments and released it as such.
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Spiike unregistered
#26   31 Oct 2000
Nice to see that you still like it. To bad all the votes was erased a while back :/

Check out:



for some of my nwe work.

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Timmy!!! unregistered
#25   30 Sep 2000

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Dismember unregistered
#24   18 Jul 2000
This map rocks! It's one of the fastest and furious maps I've ever played! Have you done something more for Q3? Your homepage mention just Q2 maps...
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Doggeh Bagg unregistered
#23   07 Apr 2000
Good map nice and small people say too small but I likesmall and hate big suckers well good spike
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RiO unregistered
#22   07 Apr 2000
Spiike, this is one hell of a map! It has scarce been off my LAN since I downloaded it. Good textures, nice design and terrific gameplay for small LAN and Tourney games!

I was also impressed by the bots, who were very well "done". Also touches like the Megahealth and Teleporters.... I love the way you can telefrag someone as they spawn at the bottom.

Thanks spike, and if this is your first, I eargerly await the next.....

RiO (10)

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Fool unregistered
#21   01 Apr 2000
Spike, man I have to agree with you. People need to stay away from the walls anyway. It's EASY splash damage with rockets. Like candy from a baby.
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not entered unregistered
#20   23 Mar 2000
A wee bit tie knee
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artIfact unregistered
#19   22 Mar 2000
Spiike - thank you for a thoroughly enjoyable and well constructed 1v1 map. Plays fast and furious, with enough 3d action to lose track of where your opponent is if you aren't careful. Water around the rl is a nice touch.

Please sir, can I have some more? More maps like this please gets a 9 out of 10 from me.

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framed unregistered
#18   22 Mar 2000
Been playing this map for a couple of days now and must say very fast, looks great. Probably are hair tight if using a hardcore bot or a super experienced player as you dont have room to take a breath but..thats the fun of it hehe...

I thought right away that this would be a perfect base for a ctf map. If that is your intiention I encourage you to do so. Two bases using this layout with an interesting middle ground would be perfect for 3 on 3 or 4 on 4.

Keep up the nice work.

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geezer unregistered
#17   21 Mar 2000
Not sure what OozE is getting hung up on. I walked around the map and everything is clipped off. It's just normal geometry.

My comments. Nice map. Fast paced and lots of 3d action. The 1 bot I added didn't play very smart. Kept going through the teleporter, up the right side stairs and back through the teleporter. Some bot path entities would help to mix up the bot action a bit.

The two teleporters near the plasma were a tad annoying. I like the idea of having an escape route from up there, but they were too close and you'd sometimes get tossed into one when accelerated across.

All in all though, good solid map.

geezer - Team 3

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Bah. unregistered
#16   21 Mar 2000
It's a duel map. Therefore any complaints about the size should be firmly inserted up one's own rectum for further perusal. I salute Spike for creating a small, tight duel map, as too many mappers focus on FFA or larger, sprawling duel maps.

P.S. Nice enough map, flashing stuff is nice tho distracting in DM. Ceiling was a bit plain to me.

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RedFive unregistered
#15   21 Mar 2000
I've been so busy lately that I haven't had the time to really play this map, but I like what I saw when I did. To say there's nowhere to hide is the understatement of the year; the map is so small that a 3-person match turns into Frag-City. That said I'll play some more !!!
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0ozE unregistered
#14   20 Mar 2000
No way...I don't like the medium size the best... I really like a good tourney. But I may be the exception, who knows.

What to get hung up on? I'm sorry, but I don't play bad. I still got hung up on shit...perhaps less so if I knew the map 100%, but there are alot of nooks/corners to get hung up on. That's not saying it's designed bad, just that there are a few places where it's easy to get backed into a corner (it only takes a sec, ya know).

I still love the atmosphere, and most everything else about this map. It's a beauty, eh?

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RatBastard unregistered
#13   20 Mar 2000

Had a blast with the map!

3 of us and and a bot made for fun, fast, action!

btw, I like nooks, crannies, and corners, as they are useful to get away from attackers if you use them right.

( I dont wanna play in a sphere )


Great job!

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Spiike unregistered
#12   20 Mar 2000
What is there to get hung up on?

There isn't a single edge in the map thats not prperly clipped. If you get stuck on a corner of a wall then you have to play bad. I could remove the walls but then there would be nothing left of the map.

Well.. it's my first tourney map but thats not really a exuse, I still learn and mybe I'll get better at making tourney maps later on.

Actually this map was supposed to be one of the bases in a CTF map but as it developed I thought it might be a good tourney map. It's really only a exeriment on what can be done in a small area.

Well I'm satisfied anyway.. a 7 or 8 for a tourney map isn't that bad ;). Atleast there are no bugs reported on this map :) If you want something bigger try "We all need hope" my first Q3 map.. it's BIG. Mybe my next DM map will be a medium sized one as they seems to be the ones you guys like the best.

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0ozE unregistered
#11   20 Mar 2000
Upon playing this map extensively, I must say I would like to retract my overly zealous review (I rated it without having played it too much...being taken away by the looks of the level alone--and I'm a sucker for tele's--call me crazy). Anyway, as others have said below, it's WAY too easy to get hung up on walls, corners, etc. A real bummer, cause I still like the map alot. But that really hinders gameplay.

I don't know how many times I'd be plastered against the wall, unable to move (caught on something) and get lambasted by the plasma or rl.

Oh well. Eliminate all the nooks and crannies and odd portrusions that pose movement difficulties and I'd like it much better.

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0ozE unregistered
#10   20 Mar 2000
How do u make bots' use the tele's? Seems like only id maps do the bots use them properly.
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SiCdeth unregistered
#9   19 Mar 2000
good map i thought it was a good 1 on 1 map i havent played it with 3 players yet so i dont know how it will play. the bot didnt seem to go after the mega health at all nor did he go after the plasmagun. i thought it was cool how u used trigger_hurt (or however u write it)on the wires and above the YA, overall good map i liked it and its unusual but nice to see a smaller map around.


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Rokscott unregistered
#8   19 Mar 2000
I guess it's all been said before, but here's my 2 cents


Very nice looking map and I love the teleporters. Unfortunatly I also found it too small and too easy to get snagged up in a few places.


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Octovus unregistered
#7   19 Mar 2000
Well it certainly looks nice, but thats the only really good part IMNHO. Mainly it is symetrical, it did lose points for that from me, even the weapon placement was symmetrical, three people was definitely enough if not too much, and well...mainly it was a little small and the bots kinda sucked, seeming to get "stuck" going back and forth betwixt teleporters until someone blew there head off. Nevertheless, I am not ranting and raving at it...it's perfectly fine, I just find Tig's review way too friendly. 7 outa 10 from me. =)

Happy Fraggin! Octovus

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Jim unregistered
#6   19 Mar 2000
Not a bad map- good solid design and it looks nice. Detail is well done and the theme is carried well. Unfortunately I thought it was a bit too small. Makes for a good tourney, but my preferred style is at least 4 player ffa, so I would have preferred something a bit bigger- but still, a good map and worth the download.
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0ozE unregistered
#5   19 Mar 2000
I can tell already that this map is gonna be one of my favs. I love tourney maps...we need more of them..and this is a goodun'


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menace unregistered
#4   19 Mar 2000
really fun map.

not much in the way of strategy due to its very small size, but it is a cool map. very well constructed, and the symmetrical layout doesn't hurt it in this case (whereas many symmetrical levels lose major points in my book for that reason, such as q3tourney2)

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RA Bitch unregistered
#3   19 Mar 2000
With the lack of 1on1 maps these days, this map is a blessing! This map is a keeper. good job Spiike.
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neko unregistered
#2   19 Mar 2000
one hell of a fast 1v1 map, with no time for breaks. almost reminds me of the better old q1 rocketarena stuff. maybe a grenade launcher would have been nice to lob stuff up stairs and into nooks, but it won't be missed too much. framerates are very good, and the bots cover the whole map. a 9, easy.
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itsuxtobeyu0 unregistered
#1   19 Mar 2000
This map is furious, damn fast map for perfect 1-1, no sneaking up, all aim and prediction here.
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