Andeh's Arena
Andeh's Arena by AndehX
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dudephat Rep. 409
#9   14 Nov 2016
One of my favourite floaters
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FragTastic Rep. 2351
#8   21 May 2012
As soon as I looked at the screenshot, I was put in a trance after looking at the Skybox. It looks absolutely brilliant :). I have an issue witht he textures though. if your going to make a space floater, You should use space colors for E.G: Blue, Metallic and give it a smooth look.. Other than that, Good job!. 7/10
Edited: 21 May 2012 AEST
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Kyall Rep. 417
#7   10 Mar 2012
Pretty good map. The skybox is very trippy, you sometimes feel disoriented by it. It is not too bad for a Q3DM17 inspired map. 8/10.
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lol unregistered
#6   21 Mar 2010
Map: aatourney1
Warning: If you bounce too high, you'll be killed.
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J2KoOl63 Rep. 80
#5   07 Jun 2006
An excellent map here. Beautiful look and I love the sky! Of course, there are some problems that the bots have, like not roaming the top part too much and the no trigger hurt zone, but they played decent in terms of putting up a fight. I really enjoyed the map so I'll give it a 9.


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Shadowtech Rep. 0
#4   30 May 2006
One of the most badass maps I've played in quite some time.
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Anduu unregistered
#3   28 May 2006 come you die if you bounce too high?

One of my favorite things about space maps is all the crazy ass rjs off the bounce pads.

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Myth unregistered
#2   27 May 2006
Nice space map.

Although in one game Doom somehow landed on the floor of the space box and was running around without being affected by the trigger hurt. Also some of the jump pad targets seem to fall a bit short of where they should be.

A fun game though, and looks the biz

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Rome Rep. 21
#1   27 May 2006
fun map, only downer are the spawn points, could of been placed on other parts of the map other then around the life
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