Andeh's Arena
Andeh's Arena by AndehX

Andreh's Arena is basically your straight up space floater that's inspired by DM17. That's what the readme says and having read that I almost passed this by. Man oh man what a big mistake that would have been cause this map is awesome. Few floaters out there play like this one. Sure it has elements of q3dm17 to it... the rail platform and the Quad platform above the main platform but that for me is where the similarities end. Let's get down to details...

The map is kitted out in Q3DM17 textures but has a jaw dropping gorgeous sky box. The main part consists of a two tier platform above which you'll find the Quad platform. To get to the Quad platform you have a little hike to the left or the right of the upper level which contains the LG to get to the jump pads with those cool curved flight paths that will take you to the Quad. As I said it's a hike and you'll want to get back to the lower deck pronto cause that's where all the action really takes place, so you'll be glad of the teleporter from the Quad platform as that will get you back in the thick of things quickly.

The lower level contains 2xRL, 2xSG, 1xMH and jumppads to the RG, and upper level via more curved flight paths picking up the RA along the way. There is also two teleporters to the upper level. Action is intense down here and is centered around the two RL's either side of the MH. Again it is enough of a hike to the RG that most will wait for someone to bring it to them ;)

Oh yeah, the author recommends a player count of 3 and has two bots configured (Doom and Ranger) and ready for play, if you can't find some buddies to play this beauty with. I loaded in Sarge as well and the map still didn't feel crowded hence I've gone for 2 to 4 players.

Final Words: If your a Q3DM17 fan, you'll be wanting this in your collection. Hell, if your not you'll probably want it anyway, it's that good.

Reviewed by Foralarx

Ranked: 4.1 out of 5 (15 votes)

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