Otherworld by thefury
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FragTastic Rep. 2269
#12   16 Jan 2012
I love your maps!
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Hooyaah Rep. 579
#11   09 Mar 2010
Having a Quake-like gloomy look & feel, the teleporters also are reminiscent of Quake. The organic elements compliment the environment well and the overall size and complexity of the layout of the map along with the amount of weapons, ammo, armor, and health make it well suited for a complement of 4 players. This is a map which I plan to keep an extra copy of. Oh, by the way v1/3, Slash asked me to inform you to return soon, she didn't get the opportunity to finish her conversation with you.
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headrot Rep. 148
#10   23 Feb 2009
Probably my fav 'thefury' map - flow and "line-of-sight" of this map are perfect IMO in cpm, just great....
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J2KoOl63 Rep. 80
#9   15 Jun 2006
Nice level. I enjoyed the atmosphere of it, with the vines and leaves. A very nice touch. Bots were playing strong, but swarmed to the bottom level of the map. Better for tourney and especially CPMA for sure.


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Andeh Rep. 20
#8   10 Apr 2006
very nice map. the layout is nice and its built very well. Only problem I have is that it feels like it belongs in another game, like Unreal Tournament for example. Little too cramped for the fast paced Q3 physics in my opinion.
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Shadowdane unregistered
#7   08 Apr 2006
awesome map dude.. very nice layout & works very well for 1 on 1 or a nice 4 player FFA. The textures work excellent together would of never thought of mixing those up. :)

Great job..

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GuitarMan Rep. 470
#6   02 Apr 2006
This review is amazing! I love it when the think-outside-of-the-box comes up this way. Good stuff.

I still haven't downloaded the map, but I'll check it out soon... and I'll post my comments. For what I can see in the screenshots, I will like it.

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SouL unregistered
#5   29 Mar 2006
dont make me cry upon a game which should never die

i miss the skinz and idea of q3a at q4a

i havent anything against gay-people, but q4a and the skinz are silly and all that shit from doom3 to q4 look really gay at all ...

if i imagine how q3a can look with the new game-engine im nearly starting to cry about ,o)

an old q3a-excessive gamer


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Th3_DemoN Rep. 0
#4   29 Mar 2006
dude, like, woah, ive never seen anything like it...


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bluemonkey Rep. 30
#3   28 Mar 2006
What I love about this guy's levels is the way that he makes sure they are still really playable for those of us who don't play the Pro mods. That and he always makes them damn beautiful too. Kind of had an Unreal Tournament feel to the texture choices I thought.

It's such a great level except I wish it could be played in NON-TOURNEY mode. It could happily support 3 players.

Should probably take the DM tag off the title.

Edited: 28.Mar.2006 10:42 UTC

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v1l3 Rep. 1015
#2   26 Mar 2006
What can I say =) It's a fun map. I like the mix of textures, all the good picks...the doublejump to the armor=o
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sumatra unregistered
#1   25 Mar 2006
You're a genius 8)
Thanks for the review...

Just for your information:
This map is included in the Generations Arena, a modification combining Q1, Q2, Q3 and Doom gameplayfeatures, it's really fun!
You can d/l it here -> www.wireheadstudios.org/generations/

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