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Time to die
Time to die by ShadoW
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HDK! Rep. 424
#8   15 Nov 2012
Time to rechingar someone , nice1 +)
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FragTastic Rep. 1400
#7   28 May 2012
@kernelk: Yes it is but there are a few technical issues but I sorted them out so it's going all good.
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kernelk unregistered
#6   28 May 2012
Shadow, this is a masterpiece.
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FragTastic Rep. 1400
#5   05 Feb 2012
Perfect, Absolute magnificent work of art!
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Tig Rep. 844
#4   11 Jun 2008
You are right. The site has been re-designed since the review was put up. The review will be altered to reflect this - thanks!
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Anonymous Cowherd unregistered
#3   11 Jun 2008
The link "beta section" in the above review just goes to the front page of the site?
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Oeloe unregistered
#2   05 Apr 2006
Ah, it's reviewed. I love this map! Exciting to play. Not small but fast paced in CPMA. Definitely a map i want to play more often.
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*BestialWolf Rep. 0
#1   04 Mar 2006
Really like this one. 9 out of 10. Just a tad dark.
Awesome theme.
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