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Liquid Tension by swar)v(
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FragTastic Rep. 946
#8   16 Jan 2012
Amazing! :). 10/10
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fsad Rep. 50
#7   22 Mar 2011
One of the most underappreciated maps on this site; should consider making it a featured release on the front page in the near future. 10/10
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HelterSkeleton Rep. 2376
#6   25 Jun 2009
swar)v( demonstrates a natural flair for cpm movement and fairmindedness with respect to the q3a/cpma community as this level comes in chocolate and vanilla flavours. if i have any criticism it is that he tries to make the level do too much rather than concentrating on 1 particular match-type and i think this is where the item placement seems a bit muddled. on a more positive note - his obvious flair for cpm means the map is quite open and items are readily accessible by means of a number of different routes which negate any quibbles i might have in this respect. the novelty elements and size of Liquid Tension means it is probably not worthy for consideration as a serious tourney map but works well as a small deathmatch and is also fun for 2vs2 tdm. while i do not personally endorse the war-machine (even as a q3a fanatic) i do appreciate the stress, mental trauma and depression that comes with serving in the military and would also like to acknowledge the humanitarian services performed by the military in aiding and rebuilding decimated communities. With this in mind i can imagine that map-making would have been quite therapeutic for the author and commend him for his efforts considering the circumstances under which this map was created.

Edited: 25 Jun 2009 AEST

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v1l3 Rep. 681
#5   30 Jan 2006
I like how in the promode version, from the bottom floor you have to double jump to get up in the water. Haven't seen that done before... cool idea. Botplay is better in the vQ3 version though. Some nice idea's in this map using the water parts. Well done. If you get the time, make some more=)
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swar)v( Rep. 0
#4   17 Jan 2006
Just about everyone I know owns a laptop and had it with them in Iraq. You just can't use them when you pulling guard duty or something like that :)
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Mikko Sandt Rep. 30
#3   16 Jan 2006

You really don't want to know how much spare time we have in Iraq, the main thing I fought was boredom :P

Heh - well I was in the Finnish military and I'm aware of the fact that the army is unable to put spare (or service) time into effective use:)

What's the policy on having & using laptops there?

Edited: 16.Jan.2006 15:05 UTC

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SH unregistered
#2   15 Jan 2006
Must agree about your skill improvement Swarm, because I loved Swarmdm2. Havent looked at this yet.
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swar)v( Rep. 0
#1   14 Jan 2006
Thanks for the review!

You really don't want to know how much spare time we have in Iraq, the main thing I fought was boredom :P During my first 6 months in Iraq I must have read about 30 books, watched hundreds of DVD's, and beaten about a dozen video games. For my last 6 months I decided to spend my spare time learning about mapping, and this was my first product. It taught me a great deal, but I almost didn't release it because towards the end my skills had improved dramatically from when I started it. If I had to rebuild the map now, it would look completely different. It's still a lot of fun to play in CPMA though. I'm much happier with my second map, Puncture Wound.

I'm home now and working on a map for Quake 4, but it's coming along more slowly since I'm not so bored all the time :)

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