Liquid Tension
Liquid Tension by swar)v(

I wonder what the US troops are doing in Iraq if they've got enough time to build maps. But when you've time and inspiration you better start building :)

Liquid Tension is your average medium-size Deathmatch map. Architecture is good but standard and the level ends up being an average indoor map with a bunch of good looking details (although nothing awe-inspiring). It plays quite well with four or more players (that's my suggestion but you could try it in Tourney too). The weapons are scattered around the map with little strategic effect and the Quad is available for Team Deathmatch games only. Rail Gun hangs around the block but the map is a bit too confined to allow any nasty Rail Gun combats. There are some well placed portals, jump pads and "water walls", which add a bit of originality, speed up the gameplay.

A bit too average for my taste. There's also a CPM version of the map available in the zip.

Reviewed by Mikko Sandt

Ranked: 4.4 out of 5 (6 votes)

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