Time to die

Title : Time to die
Pak name : q3shw19
Autor : ShadoW (Poland)
contact : **email removed**
* info *

Single Player : no
Tournament : yes
Deathmatch : yes
Team : no
Ctf : no
* Construction *
Programs :GtkRadiant-1.4, PowerArchiwer, Notpad, Q3map2 , IrfanView

Build time : too long
Based on : q3shw12
Brushes : 5252
Entities : 678
new textures : yes
new sounds : no
new models : yes

Items : RL x 1 RA x 1
SG x 1 YA x 1
LG x 1 MH x 1
RG x 1
Gl x 1

* How run it *

Place q3shw18.pk3 in your quake3/baseq3 directory.
In game go to console and type 'map q3shw19'
* My other maps *

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xx) shw_100b:100 brushes
xx) shw_q3dm17:Q3dm17 conversion by ShadoW

You can download some of this map from:
* BiG Thx for: *

- Id software - for Q.
- Ydnar (shaderlab.com) for qmap2
- Oak (www.planetquake.com/OakShiro/) for the crucified guy model
- Sock (www.planetquake.com/simland/) for textures
- Rorshach (www.3dpalette.com/~rorshach) as above
- Mr.Clean (www.planetquake.com/mrclean) as above

This map is conversion/remix of one of my earlier works - q3shw12. It was one of my first maps, quite playeable, but looking wery pure :). So I wanted to see it with new solid graphic. I rebuild the level and change it a little. There's no longer 2xYA, now we have one YA and one RA. I hope the map look now quite better, and wan't be smashed on LvL again because of awful graphic :P.
The map is destinated to 1v1 Cpm play. I wanted to place on it as many tricks as it was possible, and game to be really fast. After rebuilding, you can move very fast, move paths are based on circles (mostly), and if we talk about tricks - ther's a lot of them, double jupms, rocket jumps, and what only you'll find :). HF.