Polish Duel Mappack
Polish Duel Mappack by Various
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EmeraldTiger Rep. 2581
#11   14 Jul 2021
Great to see these maps finally featured. It's a shame the review doesn't mention the fifth "secret" map. All five maps are really high quality and have excellent gameplay, with my personal favorite being Living Monstrosity for the atmosphere and little details. Worth noting also that A Man Called Sun received a Quake 4 version as well, which ended up being popular in Quake 4 competitive play.
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Mark unregistered
#10   01 Feb 2009
i've read heaps of forums where DADes box maps get slagged off but he is a really considerate and sophisticated promode mapper. taking the red armour from the tile jump at the bottom of the map and strafing across the map's centre to double jump up the stairs and onto the lightning gun - sweet! (he really puts in alot of thought for the downplayer.
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headrot Rep. 168
#9   31 Jan 2009
This map-pack is Soooooo good, "Sickness" is simply amazing - even for what is essentially a box map its so complex and just well lovely, the only gripe I have with this ENTIRE map-pack is that theory of a dead man was a little too open (large) for me, the bots falling into the pit was also annoying but hey, whattayagonna do?
Damn you polish guys know how to make a map, DOWNLOAD........
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Mark unregistered
#8   23 Jun 2008
For all you trick jumpers out there - You will Love This Map Pack!!!! There are loads of stair jumps, ramp jumps, strafes and airchanges to be mastered here meaning that weapons and powerups are never really far from reach and opponents can always be caught by surprise as well as enabling players the opportunity for a sneaky getaway. Gameplay is speactacular and acrobatic to say the least. From this perspective the map designers will appreciate me saying that living monstrosity was my least favourite of the maps (being partial to stair jumps as i am). Kudos to Dade for making the most effective use of teleporter jumps in the series (the only form of tricking i found under utilised) and lukin for the highest jump (from the sand pit off the lower level walkway up to the third level walkway - it is possible with a speed boost (strafe run started from teleporter). So put your rocket launchers away! If you love CPMA physics most areas are accessible without any expenditure of rocket ammo and health (save that for the fragging!). Hours of fun. Two thumbs up and Two big toes as well!
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J2KoOl63 Rep. 80
#7   08 Dec 2005
A little late with my small comment/reviews on the maps. :)

Lets start off with A Man Called Sun by Lukin. Too me, it's a supreme definition of unique. It is an egyptian style map, but with a twist off steel and metal. Pretty cool. There are a lot of great gameplay elements as like the teleporters (cool looking at that), grenade holes (got popped from one that came out of it by the way lol), drops that go into other rooms, and lots lots more. Item placement was great although a rocket launcher could have been replaced with a railgun, but that's ok. Deathmatch with bots was fast paced and the bots CPUs did a marvelous job roaming the map. Overall an excellent map, I loved it! A HIGH 9/10

Next, Theory of a Deadman. A beautiful map altogether. I love the textures used to create this old, white, stone environment. I adore how the lamps on the walls match the teleporter. Pretty neat in my opinion. Item placement is decent except the railgun ( which you pretty much have to rocket jump to), and you will never see a bot with that. Layout is done really well, but there is a major dilemma. The Pit. This killed the map being able to be played with bots. The first few minutes are pretty good, but the bots magically find the pit in which they just jump into. I played Hurt Me Plenty, and I found myself beating them 50 to 6. All other gameplay elements were good except that. 7/10

Sickness was a fun little map. I was kind of confused on what it was supposed to be. Kind of like a base mansion ontop of a mountain? Weird, but thrilling. Lighting was a little dark, but didn't affect the gameplay all that much. Gameplay was fast and bots went crazy. Most recommended for LAN play probably. 9/10

Living Monstrosity is absolutely amazing. A cold steel facility located in a clay like desert. Fast paced gameplay will keep you running on your feet. Like BFG said, it's not just the eye candy in this map. Bots play marvelously and lighting fits the mood. Layout is perfect. Sweet! 10/10

One Must Fall is another map that is very similar to Living Monstrosity as look wise. Using just about or the same textures for the cold steel facility. This map is dark, but you can cleary see your opponents. It gives you a scary feeling while running around it. Especially the megahealth room feels like something is going to jump you. Bots played tough, but stayed around the lift way too much. Cool altogether. High 7/10.

This is recommended.

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req unregistered
#6   26 Nov 2005
Damn good job, ladies!
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dAde Rep. 0
#5   26 Nov 2005
Thanks for review :).
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Lukin unregistered
#4   26 Nov 2005
Thanks for a nice review. I would add a note that the whole pack is designed mainly for CPMA.
With ProMode in mind scores for each map may be different. For example PlDuel1 and PlDuel3 are quite unplayable in vanilla IMHO.
Oh, and there is one more level in pack. Type /map omf to see it.
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Todtsteltzer Rep. 0
#3   26 Nov 2005
It seems you have overseen the fifth map in the pack, BFG20K. Ok, it has no arena file so it's a little "secret" ;).
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bfg unregistered
#2   26 Nov 2005
i don't know what that means
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ShadoW Rep. 67
#1   26 Nov 2005
Great job. Congratulations :). A tak na marginesie to chyba już tylko polskie mapki są naprawdę dobrze oceniane ;) :P
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