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Story to tell by NecrosiS
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Whatscheiser Rep. 662
#16   14 Jul 2022
Just came across a bit of a conflict between this map and klzegypt.pk3
Both levels use Sock's Egypt textures and both have the shaders/textures setup with the same names and file structures within their respective archives. Both levels are running different versions of the shader file though. It appears version 1.6 which is packaged with necro6.pk3 has a typo for a blend texture used by the jump pads in klzegypt.pk3
Aside from this the shader appears to be totally compatible (which I'm sure it was meant to be in the first place). If you want to run both of these maps in your baseq3 folder you just need to fix the typo.

The last entry under this texture is...
map textures/egyptsoc_floor/jumppad1g.blend.tga

it should be...
map textures/egyptsoc_floor/jumppad1ag.blend.tga

I made a patch file that resolves the issue. It's just the egyptsoc.shader with the correction I noted here.
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raspatan Rep. 4510
#15   14 Jun 2020
Fast, well connected, intensive, strategic. And beautiful! Ideal map for a 1v1. 5/5
Edited 56 seconds after the original posting.
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pat howard unregistered
#14   20 Mar 2015
really amazing little map! i don't know how i missed it for all these years. at first i was wary of the death pits for tourney play but surprisingly i never fell into them. i also thought the ceilings could have been higher and a skybox would have been a good choice. otherwise, visuals are top-notch and there is really very little to nitpick about. great job.
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FragTastic Rep. 2317
#13   23 Feb 2012
This is an amazing map with amazing textures. It would be amazing if it was big enough for 6 - 8 Bots.
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EmeraldTiger Rep. 2553
#12   11 Dec 2011
This is one of the favorites over at FragLove, easily noted by having over 100 plays (red star) there. It's not the most vertical arena ever (it's a bit like Toxicity in this aspect) but it's fast and isn't majorly "flat" such as maps like Overkill. The visuals are clean and suit the arena perfectly, and I like the "clip" signs. :) The only real nitpick is that the fog of death is a bit hard to see, it blends in well with the environment and so a few accidental falls are possible, but it does add to the challenge I suppose. The map name is appropriate too - it seems like the map could be an Egyptian outpost that was built over a site with dinosaur fossils. Kind of neat.
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soup unregistered
#11   18 Sep 2010
SPECE MERENES ATTACK FOR TEH EMPEROR!!!! Sorry. Just coulndt help adding a Refrence from Warhammer 40k.
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Brian unregistered
#10   18 Sep 2010
The History Space Marine
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headrot Rep. 148
#9   30 May 2010
Just wanted to say I was revisiting some fav. maps - polish duel mappack - and looked up NecriosiS after being very impressed (for the 2nd time) with Map# 4: Living Monstrosity by NecrosiS. So I DL this map and it kicks ass - nice and tight+twisty - perfect duel map - the only gripe for me is the textures/theme - I just don't like it! But you can tell that this mapper knows his stuff - A+
(edit) can't spell good
Edited: 30 May 2010 AEST
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AEon Rep. 760
#8   23 Aug 2009
Very detailed 1on1 map, that has great gameflow and playes well against the bot. Who says a map cannot look good and play well? ;) One of my favs.
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Myth unregistered
#7   11 Dec 2005
Yeah; I concur, this is an absolutely fantastic map. Layout, visuals (I thought I was sick of this texture set... but no!) even a sense of humour!

The only thing that spoiled it a bit for me was the way the bot constantly fell down the "pit of death" area. Doom actually played the map well apart from that, it just made it too easy, he could never get on a "roll" because he was always jumping in (even when I wasn't there) and haven't to start out again. Maybe a few bot_do_not_enter clips around there might have helped.

I don't mean to moan though, this is an astounding tourney map.

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Foralarx unregistered
#6   28 Nov 2005
This is one sweet level. I personally love levels like this.... up close and personal.... and yet still there's room to use that Rail gun for some of those "OMG, where the hell did that come from" surprise moments. If this level had been made earlier I've no doubt the Q3 community would have wet their pants over this level proclaiming it to be as good as some of the all time classics [ztn3tourney1, ztn3dm2, d3fx1 (cpm??), deckt1 (cpm??), cpm1a, cpm8, cpm12, ik3dm1, ik3dm2, bal3dm2, mkoxide, q3tbdm4, even tig_den :) to name a few - yes I've been around the block a few years - hell I've even done a couple of reviews here]. .... anyway I'm wandering from the subject in hand ... the point is this level is easily as good as any of those mentioned above ... oh yes it is!!!

That said I do have a couple of nick picks, from a purely selfish point of view [no level is absolutely perfect, right? ;)]. And here they go. To get the best out of this level, it screams "play me in the CPMA mod" ... I'm an RA3 player mostly .... yet I do love VQ3 1-on-1... so it kinda bugs me when a level has very obvious routes that are CPMA only ... (RG stairs to LG level ... YA to Gold Health... possibly SG stairs to Gold Health???)..... it's extremely frustrating to not be able to take those routes as options in VQ3 when a minor change in the geometery of the map could have been done to assist the player and thereby increase the enjoyment of the level. (This is my own point of view ... NecrosiS ... please take them as purely that and not as a complaint).

That all said this is one hell of a level .. the first I've picked up in a very long that will remain a keeper on my Hard disk for the duration that Q3 stays installed ... (which'll be ... erm ... well forever I guess :p).

Final word: Get this level, you will not be disappointed..... I promise you that my friend.

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J2KoOl63 Rep. 80
#5   26 Nov 2005
Usually my comments are for DM and Bots only. Not CTF, Team, or any of that.

This one was really fun. :)

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NecrosiS unregistered
#4   26 Nov 2005
Happy to hear that You enjoy the level :D
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d3mol!t!on Rep. 70
#3   26 Nov 2005
Definitely around the top of the table of maps I've had the pleasure of reviewing. If tournament is your favourite game-type, I will personally garrotte you if you do not download this map ;)

Edited: 26.Nov.2005 20:02 UTC

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dAde Rep. 0
#2   26 Nov 2005
Good job! Congrats :).
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J2KoOl63 Rep. 80
#1   26 Nov 2005
Story To word to describe it would be...awesome. NecrosiS used the Egyptian style theme so well it actually made me feel I was there. Amazing architecture, good use of broken brick, fits style perfectly. Good looking trees, bones, and so on. It's a miniature map, but it's great in large numbers.

Lighting is well done, and the item placement too. The only problem with the bots was that they tend to stay in the grenade room and railgun, but this map wasn't for DM, it was for tourney mode. They played great otherwise, pulling out all they got. Gameplay was very fast paced, which is mainly always a good thing.

Forgot to mention: I was laughing when I saw the "Beware of Clip Wall" and "Here's a clip wall, get used to it!". lol, great stuff. Still, I wanted to jump on them! j/k



Edited: 26.Nov.2005 19:02 UTC

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