Polish Duel Mappack
Polish Duel Mappack by Various

All of these levels have some kick to them. They range from 7/10, to 10/10, and I will describe why I gave the preceding scores for the maps in each map description.

Map# 1: A Man Called Sun by Lukin
This map is a small/medium sized Tourney map. The gameplay is fast but can become quite monotonous due to the limits of the map. The overall game is quite fun and I wouldn't be surprised if this one managed to please all people playing because of the balanced layout. One little problem, the textures are low quality and they look compressed throughout the map... 7/10.

Map# 2: Theory of a Deadman by NemiX
A medium sized Tourney map. The gameplay is also fast and is a little bit more versatile due to the many different routes able to be taken. This map also manages to please the whole audience because the layout is not too stacked. Half of the level is powerups and low firepower, the other half is high firepower and health. The only problem I had with the map was the stupid death pit in the middle! Other than that this one is very solid. 9/10.

Map# 3: Sickness by dAde
This is a medium sized Tourney map. At first, I was a little disappointed because the whole level fits in one big box. The walls look quite flat on the outside. But beyond it's monotonous exterior shape is a nice and juicy vertical layout that intertwines so well that I just have to give this map double kudos times 10. Overall, the layout is fantastic - allowing either domination or equalization amongst the players. It is not easy to dominate this map, or to recover, but it is possible and even more so, you can use many areas as traps for your opponent. A must have for any veteran Q3 player. 10/10.

Map# 4: Living Monstrosity by NecrosiS
This is a small but quite open sized Tourney map which looks good and plays even better. A lot of details make the map feel like it seems more like eye candy but don't let this fool you, the whole map is designed to be a quick Tourney. The architecture is complemented by the texturing and the item placement. The gameplay is so juicy that I could almost bite my teeth into it, and even more so, this level is great for setting traps. It is very easy to dominate this map, and very difficult to recover, but still it is possible. One small problem was that there is a detail brush that my rockets went through - even though that problem was very evident it will not affect this score... 10/10.

All of the levels were built out of pure professionalism and I would love to see more work from these authors. Great job gentlemen, you've released a very awesome map pack.

Reviewed by BFG20K

Tigs notes: The maps have all been designed for CPMA, but will work with standard Q3A.

Ranked: 4.6 out of 5 (28 votes)

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