Reign of Fire
Reign of Fire by ShadowZombie
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someone unregistered
#8   04 May 2018
fun instagib map
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LotsofPain Rep. 55
#7   28 Apr 2018
Once again a map with pretty sky with no thought into layout game play. Just changing some textures doenst make map good
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Alice Rep. 605
#6   15 Aug 2017
I don’t care whether a map is a box map or not, if it is fun. This one is fun. The atmosphere with the burning sky is unique. It needs the box to get this feeling to be surrounded by a firewall.
There is no sophisticated gameplay, ok. It is a warm-up level. In literal sense.
The rocket launcher as a primary weapon is fine, but not the 10 shots you have only …
Because there are no ammo and no weapons on the map it ends up in gauntlet fights very soon, and that’s not the idea of this fast map!
Also starting Health of 200 is not a good idea.
In the e+ mod you can easily give the players 100 rockets at respawn. That’s better. Or simply to drop the rocket launcher with 10 rockets if you are shot would also be an option.

Or switch this map to instagib-rail. Crazy…

I like this map.
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FragTastic Rep. 2333
#5   18 Jul 2012
OMG! The fiery skybox in the background is just astonishing. It suits the map environment perfectly.
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KommissarReb (SW12) Rep. 2352
#4   05 Jun 2011
Another review by BFG20k that lacks any effort or description. I think that he should be banned from making reviews.

As for the map, the fiery background reminds me of eruption_by mjk. Though this map probably has a better use of textures, unless you want think you are in a garden of some sort. We need more maps with this sort of theme, but not the same gameplay and map structure.
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EZfrag Rep. 0
#3   20 Jan 2008
I'm having a lot of fun with this map! Practice your RL skill and blast everything away!
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Here unregistered
#2   22 Dec 2005
Good for bloody fight ;), but no so good for game... .


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J2KoOl63 Rep. 80
#1   26 Nov 2005
Flames blazing all around you, with full health and armor, you see rockets flying everywhere. You have a rocket launcher. Should you frag or should you be blown to pieces. I like the first one better, go with that option.

Reign of Fire is a large box map, with red lighting, and flames burning all around the map.As well as jumpads boosting you up to the next stage of the map. ShadowZombie has created a fine level where you can improve your rocket aim.

You'll hear a lot of whooshing from those rockets whizzing by you.

Good map. 7/10


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