Reign of Fire

--- General Information ---

Map Title :Reign of Fire
Map File :mjkq3adm1_rev.pk3
Author :ShadowZombie
Real Mug :Michael J Klocke
E-mail :**email removed**

--- Foundation ---

Base :mjkq3adm1.pk3
Editor :Q3Radiant 202
New Textures :no
New Sounds :no

--- Play Information ---

Gametype : FFA/Tourney
Players : 2- 10
Bot Support : yes

--- How to Play ---

Just unzip to your BaseQ3 and load up Quake3.
You'll find my map in the Skirmish menu.

--- Map information ---

This read me text is quite simple and short.
I was without a pc for awhile and so my
mapping skill faded somewhat. So when
I got my new pc I used my first map as
a stepping stone to getting my feel back to
mapping, and this was the end result. I
totally remade my brush work and added a couple
extra items. You now start with 200 on everything
and I removed the (SG). It's still fast paced
Rocket Arena style just with the (RL). Bots
play like their life depends on winning. I kept
the flames that surround the map. Always thought
it was a nice touch when I first built this back in
2000. Thankx for playing and hope you have fun.

--- Beta Testers ---

--- Credits ---
Id Software
..:: Tig and Mandog
Q3map2 Ydnar
Q3map2toolz Hr.O
Map packer Equim
...and anyone else I have missed

--- Legal Stuff ---

You CANNOT use my map as a foundation to build another
You CANNOT copy my map to a cd without prior
You can distrbute my map via internet as long as
everything contained in my zip.file remains
intact and unaltered.

Quake3Arena is a copyright trademark of Id Software Inc.
All rights reserved