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Gormenghast by zyg0t3
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I_like_quake Rep. 103
#8   09 Aug 2015
Its a great map and I love how you spawn with armor and all weapons. Had it been a little darker it couldve been something out of quake 1. I get frame drops in the main courtyard which is really weird but its not map breaking for me.
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FragTastic Rep. 1474
#7   23 Jan 2012
FragTastic <3. 10/10
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SW12 unregistered
#6   01 May 2010
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SW12 unregistered
#5   12 Apr 2010
Big city. Great castle map! Somehow the throne room makes me think of Legend of Zelda(Game) With the King Harkinian.
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Hooyaah Rep. 490
#4   03 Apr 2009
OH GEE... GEEE... GEEE... 1 must admit this is a colossal map of epic proportions. The review by BFG20K is spot-on in regards to the system requirements. With no reloads available, one is forced to die or use the last available ammo where each weapon is best suited. The gauntlet still works fine and there are places suited for an ambush. If you like a map that does not seem to restrict you from access to certain areas (don't you loathe that?) then this map truly has that open-feel, unrestricted space offering going for it. Likewise, if you enjoy exploring a believable space then have a feast. One may miss special effects like fog, rain, dripping water, and etc., yet there are other ventures to be taken elsewhere in another realm.
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Rome Rep. 11
#3   07 Jan 2006
i agree with the revew, i had some fun with the bots and some nice tdm action, but i couldnt even finish a game do 2 the 20/30 fps i was geting.
need a new pc also =/
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Legrand [LN] Rep. 120
#2   11 Dec 2005
Played this a few times on our server (it's still in the rotation). As the others say, it is very large, but I think that doesn't make it bad in and of itself. It's not that bad of a map, and who really cares about r_speeds anymore in this age of x1800's and 7800GT's? It's not like it's 1999 anymore and it runs fine on my machine.
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J2KoOl63 Rep. 70
#1   25 Nov 2005
Let me just say that this map is huge and it obviously took a lot of time to make. It also looks beautiful and well organized. Too bad the r_speeds did literally kill the map, just like BFG said. This could have been a cool map.

5/10, just for the effort.


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