Ensiferum - Ferrum Aternum
Ensiferum - Ferrum Aternum by Mr.LyCon
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Mark unregistered
#1   28 Jan 2009
This is a real "King of the Hill" type map and could see it playing well as a tdm if the items were layed out for that. As it stands control will be fought for the teleporter and surrounds which will allow you control of 2 ya, quad, megahealth and quick access to the rail gun making it the most trafficked area in a decent-sized free for all. the rest of the map serves as a quiet place to regroup before mounting your attack on the key position. this is a nice way to structure a free for all for online play as it brings a lovely focal point upon which to concentrate players. you can always take your game away from the player controlling this area to flush her/him out but the density of powerful items always attracts someone back giving the map a nice ebb and flow. for this reason i'm giving it a 10 and am overlooking the missing texture to the teleporter itself because it really doesn't matter.
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