Malfunctioning Nano-Constructor
by Bal
Malfunctioning Nano-Constructor by Bal
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Mapsking Rep. 382
#9   07 Sep 2020
We played this map tonight, with our family, in Team Deathmatch, with 6 humans players, and 6 bots. Honestly, I was hesitant to download it for a while, but I like non-traditional things. I really like the architecture, but there were a few things that bothered me enough to not keep the map.

First off, if you fall off the map in the center/under the structure, you are teleported back to the map, but if you fall off the edge of the structure, you die. In this case, I feel this could have been greatly improved if the whole area under it teleported you back up to some point up on top, then you could run around recklessly, which is best for this map. An alternate solution would be to make grates/glass for a floor of each level, but something you can shoot through from above and below would have been better.

Secondly, I feel there need to be more jumppads. In the screenshot, every yellow light, and many of the white triangles could and should have been jumppads to various points back on the map, (like on Space Ziggurat,

Finally, I have to agree with others, we played 15 maps tonight, and this was the only one everyone said to not keep. It is well constructed, and I like that part, but the platforms are so narrow and short, that you just spend all your time watching your step, and not playing.

I do not recommend this map, but it still might be a lot of fun in tournament mode, or instagib mode.
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Kyall Rep. 417
#8   10 Mar 2012
I found this map quite fun. The layout of the map is definitely a unique one, and is amusing to see what peoples strategies are for winning. I tried playing this with 6 human players, and was pretty fun. The textures and lighting on the map were awesome. On the other hand, I don't see the significance with the skybox to the map. Overall, 8.5/10.
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FragTastic Rep. 2343
#7   05 Jan 2012
Very good looking map. This map looks like it was made by UTEditor 2.05 Version
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Mark unregistered
#6   14 Jul 2008
This map isnt half as bad as it first appears. It will take a little longer than most to master but if you like a challenge and don't mind proceeding with a little caution this one's for you. Surprisingly the grenade launcher works very well on this level and the angles and trims can be worked to this weapons advantage. Rocket launchers just dont work well in precarious maps like this and coupled with quad you are in for a fall but can also be viewed as part of the challenge to be mastered. I would have liked to have seen the ya armour moved to the RL, RL removed and RG placed in 1 of the lower areas where the ya is. Because of the design of the map the RG would work well because its lack of kick back plus the awkward angles would prevent it from dominating as a long range weapon. you can take or leave the Quad in a map like this as the focus will be on accuracy and footwork. The triangular support bases also allow for some useful airchanges when circling back round onto your opponent. Plers needn't have been lolly-coddled with the no suicide feature when falling off - this detracts if anything from the nature of the map. These 2 issues are resolved in Panzer's quarantine - forcing caution and the use of the RG and SG
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Mikko Sandt unregistered
#5   02 Jul 2005
Nice architecture indeed but at least the bots don't work here at all - either they don't move at all or they keep falling all the time.
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PrezzoX unregistered
#4   01 Jul 2005
no problemos,
indeed, the architecture itself is quite a piece of work
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DJ(KURWA) unregistered
#3   30 Jun 2005
funny and love it
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flipowicz Rep. 10
#2   28 Jun 2005
judging from the mapshot: fucking great architecture! :D
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Bal unregistered
#1   28 Jun 2005
Much thanks for the review PrezzoX. =)
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