Burning Hate
Burning Hate by DiSTuRBeD
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KommissarReb (SW12) Rep. 2322
#19   18 Jun 2015
I think this map is pretty good for its time.

The easter egg was possibly the most boring I've seen to date; an alcove that's damn-near impossible to jump down to (I used the grapple hook in a mod to get to it) that goes around a corner to a button. The only thing the button does is say "You've found the Easter Egg!". Of course, its not as bad as when the Easter Egg is something too...graphic. At least in Rainbow Zanadar's "Tokays Towers Q3", the easter egg was funny.

Average map, but considering the times I'd say 3.5/5

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Tyre unregistered
#18   03 May 2000
Well I guess the discussion's quiet on this one now, but I have to say I rather like this map now that the missing textures are fixed. It looks good and the fps are good.

Gameplay is OK with a few provisos.

  1. RA and QD so close is overkill - and health as well!
  1. Play (at least with bots) tends to concentrate in the area below the QD and the adjacent room with the LG. The nice area with the red fog doesn't seem to get much action, which is a shame.
I would suggest at least exchanging RA and YA and maybe decreasing the amount of health slightly.
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DiSTuRBeD unregistered
#17   27 Apr 2000
Well... sorry for not posting the fix, but it looks like the 3wave texture pack fixes (most) the problems...

I've had three hard-drive crashes during the last weeks, so i have lost everything, including the pk3's that i would have to use to find the missing files in the map.

Anyway... This should fix everything up good. :)

FIX for texture problem in this map: lvlworld.com/review/id:261

Simply install this and run the map. Thanks to everyone who tried to help me, esp. Dutch!

Sorry about the delay...

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Luvsexy99 unregistered
#16   17 Apr 2000
Where do I find the 3 wave CTF pak? I have used the search and I can not seem to locate it.
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Dutch unregistered
#15   05 Apr 2000
My downloading of the 3 wave CTF pak solved the texture problem for me. I think everyone should dl it , if only for the textures . It would solve many problems with missing textures in new maps.
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DiSTuRBeD unregistered
#14   29 Mar 2000

That made it possible to track down all of the bugs... Different people seemed to have different problems.

Now, i 'just' have to go through about 50 pk3's to find out where they came from

It should be availavle during the next two weeks, if not, it propably wont be there at all

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aguirRe unregistered
#13   29 Mar 2000

Following is an excerpt from my console after loading your HATE map. It displays the texture errors.

trying textures/gothic_trim/bluemet2.TGA...
Couldn't find image for shader textures/gothic_trim/bluemet2
trying textures/gothic_floor/q1metal7_98.TGA...
Couldn't find image for shader textures/gothic_floor/q1metal7_98
trying textures/gothic_wall/church6a.TGA...
Couldn't find image for shader textures/gothic_wall/church6a
trying models/mapobjects/wallhead/femhead3.TGA...
WARNING: R_FindImageFile could not find
'models/mapobjects/wallhead/femhead3.tga' in shader
Shader 6082920 has a stage with no image
trying models/mapobjects/wallhead/tongue.TGA...
Couldn't find image for shader models/mapobjects/wallhead/tongue

Hope this helps (I liked your map) ...

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Dutch unregistered
#12   26 Mar 2000
The author says check back in a couple of days for a fix (texture) of the level.
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Dutch unregistered
#11   25 Mar 2000
The screenshot is on the way. I hope you can fix it because the level rocks!
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DiSTuRBeD unregistered
#10   23 Mar 2000
uhm... i need it a little more specific... Near what weapon etc. That bug does not occur on my computer, so i can't find it. Again.. a screenshot would be nice. You can mail it to me @

: high_god@hotmail.com

I think it might be the textures on the arches for the windows near the lightning gun... that right?

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Dutch unregistered
#9   22 Mar 2000
The missing texture is on the face of one of the structures/walls. It looks as if one of the "changing face" textures goes there (by the size and shape).It is large and slightly rectangular.
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DiSTuRBeD unregistered
#8   22 Mar 2000
Hey, if anyone could post a pic of where those missing textures are, I'll make a fix!
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Dutch unregistered
#7   20 Mar 2000
Fun map with good flow , but the missing texture bothers me. I deleted it until it is fixed.
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Rokscott unregistered
#6   18 Mar 2000
Have a look down into the hell-fog.
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not entered unregistered
#5   18 Mar 2000
i can't find the easter egg

where is it?

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Rokscott unregistered
#4   18 Mar 2000
Nice map..shame about all the missing textures.
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[ass]kikr unregistered
#3   18 Mar 2000
Yes you can rocketjump back from easteregg

Yes easteregg is lame

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Jim unregistered
#2   18 Mar 2000
Anybody have any idea why I'm getting the "missing texture" on that face in the screenshot? I have 1.16n and the Threewave pak.
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Jim unregistered
#1   16 Mar 2000
This map has some very good elements in it, but it was missing consistency. It just blended too many different styles of architecture together on one map, some subtle, which are ok, but moving from one area to another just felt like being on a different map many times. It also lacked good layout connectivity. I like having more than 2 ways to go in and out of an area, and on different levels too.

I think my biggest gripe about this map is the excessive and overpowering use of that annoying howling wind ambiant sound. It definately needs to be toned way down, or at least be used more sparingly.

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