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Burning Hate
Title : Burning Hate Date of release : 22nd February 2000 Files : - Hate.pk3 : /maps/hate.bsp /maps/hate.aas /levelshots/hate.jpg /scripts/hate.arena /scripts/hate.shader /textures/hate/...... Author : Martin Schultz (or DiSTuRBeD for fragging) Email address : **email removed** please mail me if you play this, let me know what you think! (don't write about bugs, or I'll propably get the same report from 50 people:). After all, you havent paid anything for this, (or you've been ripped off, and me too), so send some words. Homepage : www.geocities.com/Ti.../Battlefield/6967 Description : DM map for Quake 3 Arena. Works very well for 2v2 and 3v3 teamplay and 4-6 player FFA. Ey, try to find the easter egg, if you do, let me know! (it's not one of those cool looking ones =( ) Other maps by author : Q2DM - The Seventh Hour Q2DM - Hells Angels' Playgrounds Q2SP - Strogg Weapon Plant Q2SP - Strogg Weapon Plant 2 - Escape HLDM - The Labs HLSP - The Evil World (otherwise known as Castle) Q3A Tourney : mstourney1 - Castle of Insanity Q3A Tourney : mstourney2 - No Remorse Base : New level from scratch Editors used : Q3Radiant Known Bugs : Yea right... Build Time : 'bout a week on and of (mostly off =) Compile machine : PII233 288mb ram Compile time : 27 minutes -< Installing\running >- Extract "map_hate.pk3" into your "quake 3 arena\baseq3" directory. Start the game, bring down the console ('~') and type in "map hate" OR the easy way, just find it on the 'start server' or 'skirmish' menu. -< Thanks to: >- ID Software - for makin' the games that gods play... Erlend "Crusher" Olsen - Some good advice and Ideas, helping to find some bugs Neil Manke - For just making f***ing great maps! Q3 Workshop - For their great tutorials Quake3mods.com - For the best curve tut EVER =) -< Legal Shit >- This BSP may be distributed ONLY via the Internet and/or BBS systems. You are NOT authorized to put this BSP on any CD or distribute it in any way without my permission. You may NOT alter the content of this archive in any way without my permition! This BSP may be used on magazine cover CD's ONLY if i recieve a free copy of the magazine with the cd. You have to e-mail me for the adrss.
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