The Sky Temple
Title: The Sky Temple for Quake 3
File: gskytemple.pk3
Author: Splash aka Brian Gantt
Email address: **email removed**
Description: Medium-sized DM map, good for 6-12 players


The Sorgians build these temples high above their methane rich world in
order to be closer to their gods. This particular temple was abandoned
before it could be fully completed. It is not known why, but there were
rumors of strange weapons that began to materialize on the station, causing
some of the workers to go on homicidal rampages. . .

The temple consists of five levels:
Atrium - Top part. Has four up parts accessible by jump pads. In the
middle is the main shaft that leads down to the temple, and furnace level.
Also has to holes leading to the control level. Contains armor, rocket
launcher, shotgun, plasma gun, ammo and health.

Control - Station control level. Has access up to atrium level and down
to temple level. Contains armor shards and mini healths. Plus a mega-health
that appears behind one of the consoles.

Temple - Middle section of map. Has access up to control and down to under
construction. In the middle is the "temple" which has access to the main
shaft that goes down to the furnace level. Contains plasma gun, shotgun,
health, armor shards, and ammo.

Under construction - The part of the temple that was not finished. Has
access up to the temple level and down to the furnace level. Contains
an arc welder (lighting gun), plus armor shards, and health.

Furnace - Bottom level. Has a large dome over the furnace fires. Has access
up to the atrium level through the main shaft. Also has access to the under
construction level via a jump pad and teleporter. Contains railgun, red
armor, mega health, grenade launcher and ammo. A quad spawns over the
central flame.



Editor: Q3Radiant
Build time: Around 72 hours spread over 4 weeks.
Compile time: about 2 hours at full vis, extra light.

Thanks to all who posted commments on
and at

Texture/Shader credits:
All textures/shaders used are from ID's base Pak0.pk3 in Quake3
except the following:

flame1ns - Same as Id's flame1 except nonsolid.
b_console_base - Modification based on Id's console base.
b_console_console - Modification based on Id's console.
b_console_scrolltext - Modifcation based on Id's scrolltext.
patch10_pj_lite_dead - No light version of Id's patch10_pj_lite.
bglass - BKKnight's PlainGlass texture and shader.
bborder_light - Reduced light version of Id's border7_ceil39 light.
btrilight - Reduced light version of Id's trianglelight.
b_rain - Id's rain texture taken from mapmedia.pk3


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id Software, Inc.

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