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The Edge of Oblivion
Date: 29.January.2000 (rev 1.0)
----- 01.Febuary.2000 (rev 1.1)


Simple - unzip the .zip file to wherever your /baseq3 folder is.
Enter the game.
Pull down the console and type "map q3hipdm1"
Start fragging!

Title : The Edge of Oblivion
Filename : q3hipdm1.pk3
Author : Mike Zuber (remake) / Hipnotic Entertainment (original)
Email Address : **email removed**
Additional Credits to :

Darren Blum (for hosting this file)
Paul Jaquays (for at least *trying* to answer one of my wacky questions on the www.quake3world.com forum)
Mike Hanlon (testing and crticism)
Jason Weitzel (testing)
Jeff Kershner (testing)
Kerry O'Brate (bot victim)
Jack Garret (testing and for writing a kick-ass song that never made it into the .pk3 file because of it's size)
My bitches n' ho'z in SDSC for providing many months of on-line entertainment.

Gameplay Specifics:
Bot support was compiled in and I'm proud to say that it works. Not only that, but it works incredibly well! I've tested with 6 or 7 bots and if you're looking for a challenge, DOOM is definitly one to load.

On a different note I went a little overboard on using curved surfaces. Given the nature of this map (any one point can be pretty much seen from any other)
the curves tend to bog down even my P3-500! If you're really hurting for FPS, consider changing "geometric detail" to "low". Personally, this gave me a 10fps boost in most cases and, while the curves weren't as smooth, they were still curvy.

On that vein, if you have a GeForce-based card, this map might be an excellent way to push it to it's limits.

1) Added a .arena file

Base : hipdm1
Editor(s) used : Q3Radiant v1.0 (build 181)
Build time : ~40 hours
Compile time : ~6 hours (P3-500 w/ 128 MB RAM)

* Copyright / Permissions *

In the words of the almighty ParadoX:
"Go ahead and play this online, distribute it, etc. But, if your thinking about putting this on a shovelware CD, stop thinking."

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