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The Edge of Oblivion
The Edge of Oblivion by Mike Zuber
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Grafikon unregistered
#17   18 Mar 2009
Thanks for the compliments!
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fKd unregistered
#16   20 Jan 2009
i remember this map from the ole q2 days... it was fun, not sure if the q3 mechanics would work.. but yeah a classic. it sucks how stupid the bots in q3 are, wish someone (id) would do a bot update :/ it would really help out the mapping community
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Knight Cloud unregistered
#15   12 Jun 2001
Should these map will remake for Quake 4?
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Mike Zuber unregistered
#14   30 Sep 2000
Thanks for the compliments!
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RRROOOAAARRR unregistered
#13   16 Aug 2000
A solid choice. It's not massive, but can be fun finding the RG room for the first time... Bots tend to conglomerate around one of the junctions of the walkways, which made it fairly easy to dominate with the RL, but this is definitely worth having. I didn't get any lag problems ( using a PIII 600, TNT2 Ultra, 128Mb RAM ) even with 8 bots... get this one.


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GreatSonGoku unregistered
#12   19 Jun 2000
This is the first map that basically created the whole "floating in space" type of map. this map has rocked for the 3 quake games. Very fine job here. Lag, haha, maybe because i Have an Athlon 700, TNT2 Ultra and 128 MB of RAM. If you were seriously complaining about lag in this map, stop playin on your on-board vid card. Keep em comin Mike.
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DragonIce unregistered
#11   21 May 2000
Cool map. No lag like people say and i've oly got a PII350.

This gets an 8.

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Mike Zuber unregistered
#10   16 Apr 2000
The complaints on lag for this map seem to be pretty consistant. Expect a re-make of this map in the near future.
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LePig unregistered
#9   14 Apr 2000
Tis a really great and fu map, but unless you're running at 128 ram, you're gettin lag, baby...i give it a 7
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Sir Frags A Lot unregistered
#8   19 Mar 2000
This level is goooooooooood it just rooooooooocks.I'll stop the crap but this is a verry good level I didn't found it laggy and I don't have a super pc like others.it's a nice space level just plain simple!!! and it gets a 8
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neko unregistered
#7   19 Mar 2000
ech, just too large for its own good. not only is rendering it kindof slow, the number of players needed and the chaosthatcauses (nearly all of it is rendered cause it's a space map) just kills framerate.

also the ramps seem a bit too steep (and long), making it kindof hard to see ppl above you, tho putting the gl under them helps things a little :)

couldn't find much use for the rg; no real place to snipe from. maybe on top of the wind tunnel?

its biggest fault: while it technically is a space map, it doesn'tplaylike one. combat still seems to take place entirely within each platform; lack of jumppads contributed to this by not giving that random factor of somone just jumping into your fight (you know when someone's coming up cause they've been climbing the ramp for the last forever). finally, the tall lips on every platform mean that it's almost impossible to fall except during that breif second you're grabbing the ammo on the lip.

maybe with jumppads instead of ramps this could be alot more like a space map, and some scaling down could both ease the fps and lower the player requirements; as it is it just feels like a classic map with bad framerate :(

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Mike Zuber unregistered
#6   18 Mar 2000

I'll look into it, thanks for the heads up.


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Lordy unregistered
#5   18 Mar 2000
I think you're missing the point tho, Mike. The general consencus is that q3hipdm1 is good is not just because it's a conversion of an existing well loved map, but because it's a different and more unusual choice, it's not just another of the countless versions of Q1dm3/dm6 already out there. They've already been done and despite what ID says to the contrary the ones done properly do play well.

btw, if you do alter this map as you say, there's a minor graphical glitch on the left hand corner brush under the launch tube.

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Mike Zuber unregistered
#4   17 Mar 2000
The general consensus seems to be that q3hipdm1 is a good map (considering all the e-mail I've gotten on it). I have two more maps to convert (those being DM3 and DM6, "The Abondoned Base" and "The Dark Zone" respectively) and then I will be putting out one .PK3 file with all the original Q1 DM maps. At that point I do plan on adding a couple of chages to "The Edge of Oblivion", one of which will be adding clip brushes in the shape of stairs.
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Hedhunta unregistered
#3   17 Mar 2000
GREAT MAP! i love running up the ramps after ppl with the plasma gun altho it kinda gets repetitive that you get shot in the back at the same time

i liked the launch tube ! i wish someone would maybe use it in a diff map cause this one dont make use of it very well

Besides that i loved it!

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Golney unregistered
#2   16 Mar 2000
Wow, I loved this map in Quake1!

An I am really amazed of a person doing such a fine conversion of HIPDM1.

Uhm, well yes the ramps might not be working out well in Quake3 because of a differing Q1 to Q3 code :)

But who cares, nice job!

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Jim unregistered
#1   16 Mar 2000
It's nice to see a whole new style of space map, but I didn't like the ramps too much, and I thought many areas were a bit too confined. The ramps, and some of the corridors were too long, too narrow, and not easy to jump off of in time of emergency- all you need is an enemy at one or both ends with the rocket launcher and you're as good as dead. Also, some areas were just too dark, but the average light level throughout was good. I also liked the idea of rooms and enclosed spaces on this map- something I've been wanting to see done in a space map.

Item placement was good, and flow in general was ok. Took me a while to find all 4 powerup spawn areas.

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