Fallen From Space

Author: Dana Jan (QuartZ)
Email: **email removed**

Map Name: QUARTZDM2.BSP (Fallen From Space)
Completed: 2-29-00
Editor Used: Q3Radiant
Project Time: 2 days (almost full-time)
Game Type: Death Match/Tourney
Arena Size: Small/Medium (4-6 Players)
Bot Support: Yes


First off, a major thank you is long overdue to the thousands (yes I said thousands) of you who are supporting me by downloading my maps and PLAYING them online! You are responsible for almost 4,000 hits to my QUARTZCTF1 map page in the course of 4 days! Do the math...amazing! So thank you and on to the info.

I love Q3DM17 "The Longest Yard." I know many of you out there do too. After having played a disturbing number of space maps both id created and from the mod community, I felt it only necessary to release my own. I have been looking for a Space mape that balances the use of the railgun with other weapons. In particular, I don't want it to be the domineering gun on the map. My philosophy in weapon balance is that for each weapon their is an equal "counter-weapon." I believe that the Plasmagun is that such weapon to fend of nasty railers. With its rapid fire rate at heavy damage, it is a perfect instrument to even out the odds on space maps. I think you'll agree if you play this map as much as I have against Nightmare bots. Jump pads are placed carefully with launch speeds that make railing a bit more challenging than your run of the mill lob-n-gib space map jump pads.

The idea for this map came to me late one night, and I quickly hurried to find a pad and pencil to jot it down before I forgot it. Sometimes, the best ideas come to you at the oddest of hours. Oh well. Other than that, this map is geared towards a small group of players (I like to play against 3 Nightmare bots) giving a total of 4 players on the map. It is also good for 1 on 1. I think I'll keep this .txt short since my last readme was fairly long (quartzctf1.txt).

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Be sure to check out my other map QUARTZDM1 "The Final Hour" and QUARTZCTF1 "Cast Into Shadows." They are available at map sites on PlanetQuake.com.

If you want to send me feedback, my email address is above or post
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-Dana Jan (QuartZ)

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