POOLSHARK by seremtan
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raspatan Rep. 4239
#11   17 Nov 2020
Had little faith in this one but, within its kind (rooms and real places), this map is quite cool. I am sure it would made for blast fighting with +20 other human players. Sounds are very nice too, particularly the birds in the garden.

@Megamind In front of the stereo equipment.
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megamind Rep. 30
#10   17 Nov 2020
How to find the BFG?
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Tig Rep. 1234
#9   16 Aug 2020
@arjunsuperstar : Most likely a server setting like: sv_maxclients 3

You really should ask a question like this on the forum.

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arjunsuperstar unregistered
#8   13 Aug 2020
On multiplayer I am unable to add more than 3 players. The 4rth player is always unable to connect. Can someone advise me why this could be happening
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bozina69 Rep. 74
#7   07 Feb 2019
I agree with Vortexbeaast. Play Alt Fire - Includes a grapple in alt fire. DO NOT grab and then attempt to use pool sharks own grapple or you are stuck until killed!
We use the Alt Fire grapple to move around a lot in all maps. Makes it easy to get to hard to reach locations as in Citadel Fantasia BFG hidden location.
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vortexbeast Rep. 272
#6   03 Feb 2019
King of the giant room maps with near perfect scale and detail considerations that become more apparent the more you play and explore. There's something for everybody here. Jump pads and teleporters are well placed to create paths that aren't apparent at first but become standard play very quickly. Bots of choice play this one acceptably in hardcore mode. Great "romp" to help break up your playlist a bit with something lighthearted (but not silly or a waste of time).
[added] Meant to say: to really work this map in a multitude of new ways (no kidding) and make it REALLY fun, install the sweet Alternate Fire 2.0 mod and go nuts. www.fileplanet.com...rnate-Fire-v2-0
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KommissarReb (SW12) Rep. 2210
#5   22 Jun 2012
I love the atmosphere of this map! Makes me think of summer! :D Then I go into a hallucination of happiness combined with the things I like to do in summer :)

If you leave the building in noclip mode, you can find the skybox somewhere ;)


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cityy Rep. 325
#4   06 May 2009
Check out this:
Go to lvlworld.com/howtoplay - "how to play a map".
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EatThatShrimp007 Rep. -2
#3   06 May 2009
How Do I Play These Maps?
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Heavy unregistered
#2   05 Nov 2004
Awesome map.Finally ay descent quake3 map that applies the Grapple Hook.Well worth the download,is ay keeper.If your like me and love those days in quake2 lithium where,you could hook to just about anywhere,than you will love this map.


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me! unregistered
#1   01 Nov 2004
i always likes these kinds of levels,nice work seremtan!
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