POOLSHARK (stchdm1) - by seremtan

released 20-01-2004

gametype: vQ3A DM/TDM

- custom textures/shaders: yes, mostly made by the author; external wall and sky portal building textures by ydnar; plant life by ENTE; pictures on the walls are: a sketch of a girl sleeping by Balthus, and a series of letters by Thomas Jefferson; wallpaper and window seat cushion material pattern by William Morris (apps used: Corel Paint 8, Paint Shop Pro 5, q3ase)
- custom models: yes, by the author: CD pile, Audrey Tautou portrait, pool balls, cue chalk, mug on bar (apps used: gmax by Discreet, ydnar's md3fix, Pop 'N Fresh's gmax .md3 export plug-in); not sure who made the oak model featured in the sky portal or the chainlinks but thanks to whoever you are
- custom sounds: yes, from a variety of online and offline sources, edited by the author (apps used: Windows Sound Recorder, Audacity)
- custom map: yes, made with GtkRadiant 1.2.12, compiled via Q3Map2Toolz with Q3Map2.5.12 (thanks to ydnar for fixing the leaky light bug in 2.5.11)

Build time: bloody weeks.

This map was inspired by playing Deathroom Bathroom by Requiem, ENTE's Padkitchen and MopAn's DMRoom, and is a vastly oversized pool room, complete with table, bookshelves, comfy chairs, lamps, a grandfather clock and a bar. And it really is huge. Every item available in vQ3A is featured, all weapons, powerups and holdables.

Known issues:

- the map requires some decent grunt in your rig to play. As a yardstick, I get between 70-90 FPS with my 3GHz CPU + FX5600 for the most part with a full compliment of bots. I don't recommend playing it on anything with much less power than this. Mostly the frame hit comes from the shaders; r_speeds are quite modest considering, maxing out at about 20,000. Apologies to GeForce2 owners: been there, done that, still have the t-shirt.
- the map is so damned large you may not actually be able to see the fucker who just railed you. Not much I can do about that, sorry - other than build another map, maybe...

Thanks to:

All the folks at Q3W LEM forum who allowed this monster on to their rigs for testing and gave me feedback.


To install: stick it in your baseq3 folder and look in the FFA menu for the levelshot.


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This .pk3 and its contents (unless authored by someone other than me) (c) Steve "seremtan" Chapman 2004. It may be redistributed without charge as a standalone level. It may not be redistributed either for profit or as part of a non-profit mod or map-pack without the author's permission, which can be requested by e-mail: stevenchapman -at- onetel -dot- net -dot- uk. Getting permission, if necessary, from third parties to distribute any assets made by them and featuring in this map is your responsibility.