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Fortress 2089
"pro-dcmap07" - based upon the dreamcast exclusive classic, "dc_map07" by M. "Kai" Cluney. --------------=== Info --------------=== * map title: "Fortress 2089" * map file: pro-dcmap7.bsp * original author: Martin "Kai" Cluney * remake author: Anthony "psion" Butler * email: **email removed** * site: http://planetquake.com/psi * build time: 3 months on/off * file size: 5 mb * compile machine: 2.1 ghz + 512 ram * tools: GTKradiant, Q3map2, Photoshop7, Particle Studio, Q3ase, Q3map2 toolz, Mapacker. --------------=== About: --------------=== * First off, all credit must go to Martin "Kai" Cluney, for without his outstanding effort on many players' favourite dreamcast map 'dc_map07', this remake would not have been possible. Also many thanks to him for granting permission & helping me out in anyway he could. * This remake is built from scratch using the author's original .map file as a guide. The layout remains 75% the same, keeping the fundamental elements that made the original so classic, yet modifying it for today's level of play in both OSP & CPMA. Whilst it isn't aimed specifically at either mod, there are certain elements included with both in mind. * The Honor Plaque features the long standing clans that made DC Q3 what it was. apologies if i missed anyone out, it was ~3 years ago :) * Tourney & small TDM (2v2) map. * Item layouts: 1v1 + TDM 1v1/FFA: RG, 2xRL, PG, 2xSG, LG, 2xYA, 1xRA, Mega. TDM: RG, 2xRL, PG, 2xSG, LG, 1xYA, 1xRA, Mega, Quad, Battlesuit. --------------=== Credits --------------=== * textures + shaders: "Speedy" (textures) (http://www.planetquake.com/speedy) "Ydnar" (textures) (http://www.shaderlab.com) "Kat's rocks" (textures) http://www.quake3bits.co.uk) "Kell" (skybox) (http://www.signsofkoth.co.uk) "PJW" (shader) (http://www.planetquake.com/pjw) "psion" (textures & shader) (http://planetquake.com/psi) --------------=== Thanks to..! --------------=== * ..the Sega DC Q3 community for one of the most memorable & exciting times of my gaming life; and clan tfz. * The DC greats: not going to name them as they know who they are. * The playtesters: JohnnyBravo aka LOD-doomer (big thanks!) juggernaut c0ld girlyboy Kinetik Incubus Von:tklr Stormshadow Trish Fjoggs Munsen Lukin Diffuze Hex Todsteltzer ----------------------=== Permissions/Copyrights ----------------------=== \\ If you want to use any of the original custom material (textures or shaders), \\ please give credit where it is due. \\ The bsp included is not to be decompiled or used as a basis for further map building, \\ used on a CD compilation, or used commercially without prior permission given. \\ ^ go against that & i'll be mad! :E \\ Quake III Arena is a registered trademark of id Software, Inc.
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