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Ain't no time
by Chi
==================================================================== Ain't no time by Chi Fast and intensive ==================================================================== Title: chitourney1 [Ain't no time] Beta 3.5 Author: Chi [Robin Wesselink] Email: **email removed** Website: q3rageworld.tripod.com ==================================================================== Story: Real short story: End. ==================================================================== Needed to build this map: A shit load of music: Deftones, for a good mood De Heideroosjes, for staying in a good mood The offspring A shit load of food. No school, unfortunate that wasn't what happend :( Building system: CPU: ADM 2600+ [36o Celcius when building] MEM: 2X 512 dual channel [Twinmos 200MHz [277 MB needed]] VID: ATI Radeon 9700 Pro MB: Epox [8RDA+] nForce 2 Build with Q3map2 2.5.12 Building time: [218 sec.] BSP: very short [1 sec. Wrote 299048 bytes] Light: way to long [212 sec. Wrote 531952 bytes] [Bounce 1 Wrote 531952 bytes] [Bounce 2 Wrote 531952 bytes] [Bounce 3 Wrote 531952 bytes] Vis: very short [1 sec. Wrote 305904 bytes] BSPC: short [4 sec.] Building options: BSP -meta Vis Light -bounce3 -filter -patchshadows -super 2 BSPC -optimize -forcesidesvisible -bsp2aas ==================================================================== New textures: Used: Rorshach's Clockwork Droid, Evil Lair's DSI my own textures. New shaders: Yes New models: NO New sounds: No New music: No ==================================================================== Bugs: No bugs known [**email removed**] Please use as supject: Quake 3 or Quake 3 mapping or wathever... ==================================================================== You may mess up the whole map if you want. If you mess up this map please give me some credit. You must read (ahum) the readme's of the textures. The .map is included. ==================================================================== Thanks to: All the people who took time to play my map, PJW, for giving me tips, Rorshach for his Clockwork Droid texture set, Evil Lair for his DSI texture set, and all the people who I forgot...
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