Chaos Dungeons
Chaos Dungeons by nihil
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raspatan Rep. 4510
#26   09 Jul 2021
Fun-ish map, but with some design problems. Worst is the central quad room, which has a bouncer to an area which is empty. Irrelevant. Item placement could have been better. Health and armor are not well distributed imo (e.g. RA room). Like that there are other small things here and there which gives it a very amateur finish. Connectivity is very good though. Bots play it fine. Fun for a while.
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Takkie Rep. 1788
#25   01 Feb 2015
I like the barrels, the ledge and some visuals. The amount of teleporters break up the gameplay.
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not entered unregistered
#24   07 Apr 2000
Chaos -indeed.
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nihil unregistered
#23   04 Apr 2000
Thank's everybody for the feedback!

My new map /this time with less teleporter action/ is

now in the queue.

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Buddah Fingah unregistered
#22   24 Mar 2000
Anutha' map that needs more teleporters! More I say, more!
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Golney unregistered
#21   21 Mar 2000
I didn't read all the comments below, but I would say this is a damn nice Map, with great texture-design and with a 'good' gameflow, and - okay maybe really too many teleporters :)
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Kayin unregistered
#20   19 Mar 2000
if implimented as a single player level, this would have rocked. i can't count how many times i picked my jaw up off the floor...

but as the sex appeal faded, it left a stale map with too many damn teleporters. =p

a 7 for effort. a 10 if nihil would add hallways.

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wheelgun unregistered
#19   18 Mar 2000
A very small map for such a huge download size. Everyone is right about the teleporters- they destroy any gameplay value this map might have had.
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]-[appy unregistered
#18   16 Mar 2000
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Mr. Barnard - Room 12 unregistered
#17   16 Mar 2000
Well... it hurts me to say so, but I could only give this map a 4. The visuals in this map are among some of the best I've seen on this engine, and walking around in here is pretty cool to say the least. Unfortunately it all falls to ratshit when you actually try to PLAY the damn thing (and that is the whole purpose of the game, isn't it?)! Bots are useless, as has already been noted, but the problems go beyond just bots. With all the ammo, health, and weapons lying around this map, combined with the fact that all of the connectivity is through teleporters - it's practically impossible to actually engage anybody in a satisfying firefight! BANG BANG! Oh, thery're gone! Oh, they're back, and stronger than ever! Ok, BANG BANG, now I'm gone! HEHEHEH I'll go stock up and surprise them! Oh look! There they are springing up behind me... I'll just use this handy teleporter and escape!! BANG BANG! Ahh crap they teleported first! What a frikin' surprise... Sorry, but this map desperately needs some corridors (I can't see why adding some would detract from the map thematically), and less health. As it stands, there is no true chaos in these dungeons, only a bunch of people jumping up and down teleporting around like ninnies all loaded up with rockets and such. Hallways. They're great. They've been around for thousands of years. You can chase people down them and kill them with little or no mercy, which is fun. This map is not.
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JC unregistered
#16   15 Mar 2000
damn nice map, love all the originall textures and overall theme
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0ozE unregistered
#15   15 Mar 2000
yeah, here's a question: What the hell is the SEED project?


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]-[appy unregistered
#14   15 Mar 2000
Nihil is a mapdesigner from the SEED project :-D. Any questions ?
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RedFive unregistered
#13   15 Mar 2000
OK, maybe I was a bit fast saying only the l33t players will get the MH. I pulled it off a few times but it's a very dangerous proposition. And I don't think walking the ledge is a good option cuz you are open to a hail-storm of ammo. The best way is to go full speed, jump on the ledge and jump again to the MH. If it works, the jump back is super easy and if it don't, nice try but in the soup you go! Oh yeah, what's with bots going in and out and in and out of teles? It's the only major flaw in the map.
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fizou unregistered
#12   15 Mar 2000
'not entered' try to set pure server to off. It's works sometimes.
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0ozE unregistered
#11   15 Mar 2000

If it weren't for the bots being so damn idiotic bouncing back in and out the teleporters wouldn't be an issue. I love the gameplay, even with bots, and believe with peeps it would be all the better.

Just finished playing a bit more, excellent sounds...I love the hum of teleporters. Also, the el33t need not be the only ones who can nab the MH, it's a simple matter of jumping onto the ledge and walking to get it. No problem at all. Cool access to RA. Nicely done, I'll up my score to 8.5 (half point increase) after continued play. Fix the borked bots.

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YaBozE unregistered
#10   14 Mar 2000
I meant:

It could have been great.

I think with a little tweaking, nihil can make this a 10.


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YaBoZe unregistered
#9   14 Mar 2000
This map looks great, but there ARE too many teleporters, and the bots are fuX0rEd on it. They just keep backing in and out of the teleporters. It could be been great.


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not entered unregistered
#8   14 Mar 2000
Wtf, I still can't get it loading, it gets to the loading map screen then just kicks me back to the desktop, what the hell am I doing wrong?
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RedFive unregistered
#7   14 Mar 2000
The textures and the overall look of the map is great, and the teleporters don't annoy me as much as I thought, although there's a lot. But the MegaHealth placement...OW! Only the absolute l33t players will be able to pick it up and live to tell about it. Might as well put the MH at the bottom of a lava pit! Apart from that this map is extremely cool. The RL sitting on the pipe is a nice touch; it's easily accessible yet leaves you open to fire from the ground. Can't wait to try it online (hopefully: I have 70 maps and I get to play on 3-4 of them).
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Jim unregistered
#6   14 Mar 2000
This is one excellent map. The only minor issue I have with this map is the abundance of teleporters, with which bots behave a little odd around them- backing into them, then backing into the one they teleported to, back to the one they originally went thru. But I guess that's why its called the Chaos Dungeons. Makes for interesting play, even though I found it easy to own against bots (would like to find someone running this on a server).

The location of the mega-health was nice, and it looks like I wasn't the only one to die trying to get it, judging from all the skulls and bones in that slime pit. Oh, and the location of the red armor was pretty clever too. I almost missed the grenade launcher until my 2nd or 3rd time by.

Some good sniping spots too.

Excellent architecture, beautiful texturing and ornamentation, good layout and item placement, and chaotic gameplay. Sure looks like a 10 to me.

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Suicide20 unregistered
#5   14 Mar 2000
Ok this map pisses me off...

It has some great texture and design elements... No doubt about it... BUT!!! It would seem the guy didn't think about weapon layout or even simple desing flow of the map...

Thats what pisses me off... This map could have been awesome... but just falls short..:(


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MaLFuNCTioN unregistered
#4   14 Mar 2000
This map is worth the download just to walk around in.

This map rocks.

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ron Jomero unregistered
#3   14 Mar 2000
hmmm, just kicks me back to the menu when i try and load it up.
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Johnny unregistered
#2   14 Mar 2000
I think this map is a work of art. The author executes the theme with the utmost precision. I just wish he took the effort necessary to make the layout a little more normalized. Perhaps some paths in places of teleporters.
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0ozE unregistered
#1   14 Mar 2000
I disagree about the gameflow rocks. This is a thematic map, no? Of course, the teleporters are there in large numbers because that is the intent of the theme. The gameflow is great. I especially like the teleporter visuals, very nice with no performance hit. This map rocks. Especially nice is the attention to ambient sound detail, something sorely missing in many maps. Crank the bass up and enjoy (ever notice bass [sound] and bass [fish] spelled the same way..that'll mess you up! lol).

Anyway, I think this map kicks. Too bad the bots are a bit stupid about teleporters...

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